PWR Path of Gold 2018: A Tale of Surprise Returns and Big Wins

Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) set another gold standard in local wrestling with PWR Path of Gold 2018. Path of Gold (or PoG) had some surprise returns, big wins, and a wrestling potato from Potato Corner!

Pre-Show Notes

PWR Path Of Gold when in manila revoranger spudsterRevo-Ranger and The Spudster!

Revo-Ranger and The Spudster (Potato Corner’s mascot) got a victory over Trabajadors Uno and Dos in an impromptu tag team match. Revo-Ranger delivered the pinfall victory after a Revo-Kick on the two Trabajadors.

PWR Path Of Gold when in manila quatro kapitanKapitan PWR has Quatro in his grasps

Quatro qualified for the Path of Gold match after he pinned his friend Kapitan PWR via the Destino.

PWR Path Of Gold when in manila dax jdlJDL traps Dax

PWR Path Of Gold when in manila jdl sandata SANDATA prevents JDL from using the broom

Jake De Leon vs. Dax Xaviera

Xaviera was out for revenge after being sidelined by the “Senyorito” at PWR Live: Kingdom Come. JDL took advantage of Xaviera’s hurt arm throughout the contest. Xaviera showed his grit as he kicked out of JDL’s Alipin Drop. SANDATA interfered in the match to distract JDL, but he accidentally collided with Dax. JDL tried to use the distraction to apply the Inasal lock, only for Dax to send him in a pinning predicament for the surprise victory.

PWR Path Of Gold when in manila mahabaRederick Mahaba

For Love and Respect

Rederick Mahaba went ringside and said that while he got injured at the last event, he WILL compete at Path of Gold and will be the 2nd entrant. Mahaba promised that he will stop Miguel Rosales from winning this match.

PWR Path Of Gold when in manila mainMain Maxx

PHX Championship Match: Mike Madrigal © vs. ???

Mr. Sy revealed that Madrigal’s opponent would be the former PHX Champion Main Maxx. The former PHX champion made his in-ring return after getting injured at PWR Live: Mainit.

PWR Path Of Gold when in manila phx match 1Mike Madrigal gives Main Maxx a  “welcome back” gift

PWR Path Of Gold when in manila phx match 2

PHX Championship Match: Mike Madrigal © vs Main Maxx

Maxx used his size and strength to take the early advantage in the match. However, Madrigal used the steel steps to damage the formerly injured leg of Main Maxx. The PHX champion worked on Main Maxx’s leg throughout the contest in hopes of getting the bigger man to tap out. Madrigal got to hit the GTS, but Maxx got up by 2. Main Maxx almost got the win after he hit a thunderous Blitzkreig on the PHX champ. However the Kakaibr0s interfered and Madrigal used that moment to low blow Main Maxx. Madrigal connected with the GTS and got the pinfall victory.

PWR Path Of Gold when in manila aow match 1Vlad stares at the ‘Upo’

PWR Path Of Gold when in manila aow match 2Both Apocalypse and Vlad are down!

All Out War Match: Vlad Sinnsyk © vs. The Apocalypse

The former AOW Champion started off strong with a mighty chairshot to Vlad. This All Out War match was very brutal and featured an assortment of items from a ladder, lego blocks, and even a green calabash/upo. Vlad delivered a hard smash on Apocalypse with the Calabash and it not only split the vegetable in half, but chunks of it flew into the audience area. Vlad missed a senton bomb and landed back-first onto the big lego blocks in the ring. Vlad tried to deliver the Muscle Buster on the Apocalypse but the masked man countered with the Death Bell! The end was rather mysterious as both men were down for the 10 count, but it was Vlad who got his feet first before the count of ten to retain the belt. Vintend0 stormed to the ringside area and snatched the AOW belt after the match.

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