PWR Live: Kingdom Come – New Year, New Champ

pwr live kingdom come when in manila councilThe Council of Trabajadors

Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) started 2018 with PWR Live: Kingdom Come. The event started of a new year and a crowning of a new champion.


pwr live kingdom come when in manila revo tres 1Revo Ranger’s swings Tres!

Pre Show Notes

La Consejo De Trabajadores apperared at ringside during the pre-show. The council member, Trabajdor Tres, fought against the Revo Ranger. Revo Ranger won with an impressive Revo Kick from the top rope.

pwr live kingdom come when in manila vindento quatroVintendo grabs Quatro

The council was not done as they enlisted the help of Vintendo to fight former member Quatro. It would be Quatro who got away with a win after he pinned the Raging Gamer with the somersault reverse DDT.


pwr live kingdom come when in manila mahabang usapan1Rederick Mahaba

pwr live kingdom come when in manila mahabang usapanRalph asks Rederick to be his special guest referee

Oplan: Sagip Wrestling

Rederick Mahaba and the rest of Team Sebastian (John Sebastian, Ralph Imabayashi, Peter Versoza, and Jake De Leon) were at helm for Mahabang Usapan. They celebrated their win over Team Sy and said that their cleansing of PWR continues with Oplan: Sagip Wrestling. Ralph Imabayashi proposed to Rederick Mahaba to be his special guest referee for the main event fight. John Sebastian, the 50% owner of PWR, officially named Mahaba as the special guest referee for the PWR Title match after Mahaba accepted Ralph’s proposal.


pwr live kingdom come when in manila kakaibro boltKh3Ndrick with the Purple Nurple on Bolt

pwr live kingdom come when in manila kakaibro zayden 1Zayden kicks Kh3Ndrick

PWR Tag Team Tournament Match 1: Kakaibr0s (Kh3Ndrick & Mh4rckie) vs. Bolt and Zayden Trudeau

The Br0s delivered a sneak attack on their opponents at the start of the match. They isolated Bolt early on and kept him away from his partner. They delivered successive corner purple purples on Bolt. Bolt made the needed tag to Trudeau, who then delivered a double springboard dropkick on the Kakaibr0s. Bolt and Zayden advanced through the tournament after Trudeau pinned Mh4rckie with the Désolé.


pwr live kingdom come when in manila crystal robynnRobynn grabs Crystal by the hair

Crystal vs. Robynn

Crystal, fresh off her battle in Malaysia’s Asia Wrestling Entertainment show, took on Robynn in this heated contest. However, the match ended in a double count-out as both women continued to brawl outside the ring. Martivo would join the fray as well before the PWR ring crew broke up the brawl.


pwr live kingdom come when in manilaKen Warren fights Mike Madrigal

pwr live kingdom come when in manila phx 1Mike Madrigal knees Ken Warren

Open Challenge: Mike Madrigal vs. Ken Warren

PHX Champion Mike Madrigal announced that the open challenge match is a non-title match and if the challenger wins over him, they will get a title shot at the next show. Former PHX Champion Ken Warren answered Madrigal’s challenge.

pwr live kingdom come when in manila phx 2Madrigal is about to hit Ken Warren w/ the belt

The match was one back-and-forth contest that included highlights such as the suplex off the corner by Mike Madrigal and Ken Warren catching Madrigal mid-air with a superkick. Ken Warren was about to hit the Wi-Fi on Madrigal, but the former PHX Champion’s injury came back to haunt him. Madrigal rolled Ken Warren to get the pinfall victory. Madrigal helped Ken Warren up to show some “sportsmanship”, before he delivered a low blow and attacked him with the PHX Belt.


pwr live kingdom come when in manila bradBrad Cruz poses for the camera

Brad Cruz vs. Jake De Leon

“The Manila Bae” Brad Cruz had a tall task at hand as he faced 2-Time PWR Champion and Path of Gold winner, Jake De Leon. Cruz gave it his all against the Senyorito, but JDL proved to be too much. De Leon snatched the victory via the Inasal Lock.


pwr live kingdom come when in manila rosales sebastian1Sebastian taunts Rosales

pwr live kingdom come when in manila rosales sebastianSebastian throws some powder at Rosales

Unsanctioned Match: John Sebastian vs. Miguel Rosales

It was a match heavily favored for John Sebastian as he would fight with a no disqualification stipulation. His opponent, Rosales, fought under normal rules with the caveat that he will be fired if he lost the match.

pwr live kingdom come when in manila rosales sebastian2Rosales sets him up w/ the Castigo Brutal

John Sebastian tried everything it took to get the victory. Sebastian used a Steel Chair, his Singapore Cane, and he even had the PWR “Young Boys” swarm all over his opponent. At one point, Sebastian even ordered the referee to ascend the ladder and dive onto Rosales and the Young Boys. Rosales defied all odds as he defeated Sebastian after he countered the Killshot with his Castigo Brutal F5.


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