PWR Vendetta – The Show to Remember

The Network

On the Fifth of November, Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) put on PWR Vendetta 2017, a show that the fans will remember. PWR Vendetta had great wrestling action and a surprise return that shocked everyone inside the Powermac Center Spotlight.

Pre-Show Briefs

Trabajador Tres dropkicks Brad Cruz

The Council of Trabajadores showed their erring member Trabajador Quatro “the way”, using Trabajador Tres as an example. Tres lost to the “Manila Bae” Brad Cruz with a flapjack.

Quatro wins!

Revo-Ranger rescues his masked co-horts

Trabajador Quatro defied his elder and got a win against Kapitan PWR with a somersault reverse DDT. The Council was not pleased and destroyed Quatro and Kapitan in the ring. Revo-Ranger saved the day as he chased off the Council.

Evan Carleaux lifts Mh4rckie

Kakaibr0s go for the kill!

PWR Tag Team Championship: The Network (James “Idol” Martinez and Alexander Belmonte III) (c) vs. Trian Dela Torre and Evan Carleaux vs. The KakaiBros (Mh4rckie & Kh3ndrick)

Idol and Belmonte III faced two of PWR’s most promising tandems: the Kakaibr0s and TDTxECX. All three teams delivered an exciting brand of wrestling action. At one point we saw Idol deliver a 4 corners bronco buster on all of his opponents.

MWF’s Rex Lawin

The Network w/ Gus Queens!

The Kakaibr0s planted Idol with a combination DDT but Gus Queens, Rex Lawin, and other Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF) talent made their surprise entrance at ringside. Idol and AB3 used the opening to deliver the Pay-In special and retain the belts after pinning Mh4rckie.

Queen Crystal

Sleeperhold on Martivo

Crystal vs. Martivo (w/ Robynn)

Martivo attacked his former beshie before the bell rang. Crystal fought back and showed a mean streak throughout the contest which included stepping on Martivo’s hair. Crystal was on a roll until she turned her attention to Robynn and began talking trash. Martivo delivered the Grabe ‘Tey on Crystal to get the victory.

Queen Crystal got the last laugh as she ruthlessly assaulted the PunkDolls with a Singapore Cane after the match.

Tengu w/ an impressive bridge

Tengu and Dr. Hertz level their opponent!

The YOLO Twins (Yohann and Logan Ollores) (w/ Ken Warren) vs. Tengu and Dr. Hertz

London Lucha League’s Tengu and Dr. Hertz of the Regime gave the Twins one of their biggest challenges yet. Logan and Tengu delivered an impressive sequence of moves to start this match. Tengu kept the fans at awe with his standing shooting star press and spinning headscisors. The towering Dr. Hertz displayed his power and technical moves as well.

Dr. Ken Warren distracts the ref and Tengu

The YOLO Twins and the Regime

The Regime had the victory within grasp after hitting the electric chair drop-codebreaker combo. A Ken Warren distraction was exactly what the doctor ordered as the Twins delivered the Two-Night Stand on Tengu to win this match. Both teams showed respect in the ring afterwards.

All Out War Match: The Apocalypse (c) vs. Vlad Sinnsyk

The All Out War match included items such as a leather belt, a Singapore cane, and a keyboard! Vlad avoided a (literal) hammer shot from the Apocalypse with a powerful spear. The two men climbed up a ladder after Apocalypse created a makeshift table. Vlad powerbombed the AOW champion through the piece of wood moments later.

The Apocalypse is powerebombed by Vlad on the piece of wood!

Vlad wins!

Sinnsyk avoided the Death Bell of near the end and scored the big win over after delivering the muscle buster. Vlad left PWR Vendetta as the NEW AOW Champion.

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