MWF Road to Fate: A Tale of Dangerous Men and Wrestling Goodness

Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF) put on their third show at the Makati Cinema Square Arena that fateful Saturday afternoon with MWF Road to Fate. The event featured DANGEROUS Men and pure Philippine Pro Wrestling goodness!

MWF Road to Fate When in Manila FrankieNinja Frankie lifts Ryujin!

MWF Road to Fate When in Manila FrankieNinja2

Frankie Thurteen vs. Ninja Ryujin

The Grunge Grappler and MWF’s Resident Ninja delivered one exciting match to start off MWF Road to Fate. It was a match that showcased the raw physicality and agility of both men. At one point Frankie Thurteen delivered a nasty curb stomp on Ryujin outside the ring. Frankie missed the Angel Bullet and Ryujin would soon reap the rewards as he dropped Thurteen on the mat with an Asai DDT for the 1-2-3.


MWF Road to Fate When in Manila liwanagrichards2Aldrin goes for a brainbuster!

MWF Road to Fate When in Manila liwanagrichardsMoises locks Aldrin while Jomar holds the Bible at their direction

Moises Liwanag (w/ Brother Jomar) vs. Aldrin Richards

The Prophet of the Light, Moises Liwanag ‘healed’ a couple of audience members before he began his battle with Aldrin Richards. Richards delivered some hard strikes to Liwanag at the start of the match. The bigger man retreated to the outside of the ring, but Richards followed him with a flying knee strike. Liwanag delivered the “Liwanag sa Dilim” slam on Richards twice, but Richards kicked out of the pin attempt. Brother Jomar distracted Aldrin, but got a superkick for his troubles. This gave Liwanag the opening to slap on a sleeper hold that would give him the victory over Richards.

Frankie Thurteen stormed to ringside after the match to briefly confront Liwanag, who he fought with last June. Will we see Frankie vs Moises II in the next MWF event?


MWF Road to Fate When in Manila FabioHanzShilva vs Makisig

MWF Road to Fate When in Manila FabioHanz2Fabio traps Shilva in a leglock!

Fabio Makisig vs. Hanzello Shilva

Fabio took it to Hanzello Shilva early with a dropkick to start off the match. Shilva would hit back and both men put on an exchange of hard strikes and kicks.  Fabio connected with a vicious kick on Shilva’s right leg as the latter tried to do a springboard. Fabio targeted the hurt leg for the majority of the match. Shilva surprised Fabio with a reverse STO for his comeback. Shilva used his hurt leg to deliver some hard kicks to Fabio’s chest. Makisig capitalized yet again on Shilva’s hurt leg and took him down. Fabio connected with an impressive standing shooting start press on the prone Shilva. Fabio got the submission victory after he clamped a leg vice on Shilva coupled with some hard kicks on his opponent. After the match, Shilva promised that he will get redemption from this loss.

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