MWF Returns to Makati with MWF Republika


MWF Republika marked the return of Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF) to the Makati Cinema Square Arena last June 10, 2017. The show introduced new wrestlers and showcased interesting showdowns that wowed the audience.

mwf-republika-when-in-manila-segment-1Gus Queens confronts Commissioner Shannon, Gigz Stryker, and Robin Sane

The show started with a spiel from MWF Ring Announcer Sonny Go. MWF Commissioner Mike Shannon arrived ringside and called out Gigz Stryker and his two potential opponents (Robin Sane and Mr. Lucha). Coach Gus Queens and Rex Lawin momentarily took the place of a missing Mr. Lucha and they asked a match against Stryker.  Commissioner Shannon denied Lawin a rematch due to his attack on Stryker after their previous match.

mwf-republika-when-in-manila-segment-2Mr. Lucha lays the law

Mr. Lucha arrived ringside and got out of his gag and tape thanks to an audience member. He rushed in the ring and wanted to fight Lawin and Queens for putting him in such a predicament backstage. Commissioner Shannon finalized the two matches, booking Mr. Lucha vs Rex Lawin and Gigz Stryker vs Robin Sane for the show.

mwf-republika-when-in-manila-moisesMoises prays over the three audience members

mwf-republika-when-in-manila-frankie-moises-1Moises rams Frankie to the post

Moises Liwanag vs Frankie Thurteen

The prophet of light, Moises Liwanag, entered ringside with Brother Jomar to pray over three handpicked audience members. Frankie Thurteen arrived and promised to deliver an Angel Bullet Stomp on Moises that the crowd would say “Alien!”

mwf-republika-when-in-manila-frankie-moises-2Fight spills outside!


Liwanag took control of the contest, using his size and strength to throw Frankie around the ring. The bout spilled to the crowd at one point in the match. Frankie attempted to deliver the Angel Bullet Stomp on Moises, but it was stopped. Moises took cue from the Batman villain Bane and delivered a powerful backbreaker to finish off Frankie Thurteen for the pinfall victory.

mwf-republika-when-in-manila-fabio-aldrin-2Fabio vs Aldrin

mwf-republika-when-in-manila-fabio-aldrin-1Fabio locks it in!

Aldrin Richards vs Fabio Makisig (w/ Banjo)

The lightning quick Fabio Makisig faced newcomer Aldrin Richards in this one-sided contest. With Fabio’s manager (Banjo) at ringside, Fabio was in control for the entirety of the match. Makisig hit the Primera Klasika Sipa on Richards for the easy 1-2-3.

mwf-republika-when-in-manila-fabio-aldrin-3Fabio talks

Makisig grabbed the mic post match and berated the audience and MWF wrestlers until his manager stopped him mid-promo. Banjo asked for the crowd’s understanding and just told them to remember the match and not what Fabio said on the mic.

mwf-republika-when-in-manila-hanzello-morgan-1Morgan Vaughn locks in a figure 8!

mwf-republika-when-in-manila-hanzello-morgan-2Hanzello with a moving promo post-match

Morgan Vaughn vs Hanzello Shilva

Two of MWF’s youngest stars, Hanzello Shilva and Morgan Vaughn, put on a show for the crowd. It was a very evenly fought matchup for most of the contest. Vaughn connected with his “glitch” kicks on Shilva before he locked in the Figure 8 Leglock. Shilva rallied back and took the victory with the Bel-Earth. Hanzello Shilva spoke after the match and dedicated this hard fought victory to his Mother.

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