Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF) Makes an Impactful Debut

mwf-show-when-in-manila-moises-liftMWF at the Makati Cinema Square Arena!

The Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF) had its debut show at the Makati Cinema Square Arena last April 8, 2017. The MCS Arena was once again used as a venue for Philippine Pro Wrestling History. We saw tons of action and excitement in MWF’s debut show and it’s time to break it down.

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mwf-show-when-in-manila-mike-shannonMWF Commissioner Mike Shannon

This is MWF!

Commissioner Mike Shannon opened the show to thank the audience for their support and formally welcomed them to MWF. He said that one of his dreams is that one day, the MWF will be the top pro wrestling federation in South East Asia.

mwf-show-when-in-manila-fabio1Fabio Makisig

mwf-show-when-in-manila-fabio2Fabio delivers a kick to Ryujin

Fabio Makisig vs Ninja Ryujin

The long haired bad guy known as Fabio Makisig took on the mysterious Ninja Ryujin. Before the match Fabio introduced himself to the MCS Arena crowd and made fun of them for their physique and other things. Ninja Ryujin entered the ringside area before Fabio could dish out more verbal abuse. Ryujin surprised Fabio with his lightning fast kicks and agile moves. The long haired opponent would catch his quick feet soon and take advantage. Fabio punished Ryujin throughout the match by targeting his hurt leg. Fabio also showed some of his flashy moves to the crowd as he did an impressive standing shooting star press on his opponent at one point. The end saw Fabio Makisig winning the first ever MWF match at the MCS Arena with a roundhouse kick to the back of Ryujin’s head for the 1-2-3.

mwf-show-when-in-manila-moises1Moises Liwanag

mwf-show-when-in-manila-moises-hanzelloHanzello with the shinning wizard on Moises

Moises Liwanag vs Hanzello Shilva

MWF’s self proclaimed “Son of Light”, Moises Liwanag, cut a pre-match promo and told everyone that they needed him to guide them to enlightenment. The MCS Arena crowd would shout “Alien”/”Amen” to the charismatic minister after each line he spoke. The match was a clash of strength (Moises) vs technique (Hanzello) that featured a lot of hard hitting offense and technical moves from both men. Hanzello Shilva gained the victory after he connected with his second shinning wizard kick attempt for the pinfall victory. An angry Moises would beat up Hanzello after the match. Moises left Shilva sprawled on the mat after his post-match revenge was done.

mwf-show-when-in-manila-coach-gigsCoach Gus Queens and Gigs Stryker

Gigs Stryker vs Rex Lawin (w/ Coach Gus Queens)

Coach Gus Queens made his entrance to the arena and thanked the crowd for attending the show. He said that show will be the best experience of their lives. Coach Queens would later call out anyone in the back to face him for a one-on-one match. Gigs Stryker, MWF’s pinoy action star, entered ringside to answer his challenge. Coach Queens would explain to Gigs that he won’t be facing him…but his protégé Rex Lawin!

mwf-show-when-in-manila-gigs-rex-1Rex Lawin and Gigs Stryker fight it out!

mwf-show-when-in-manila-gigs-rex-2Gigs pins Lawin

Lawin and Stryker would have a nice exchange of kicks and strikes to each other in this one-on-one bout. Lawin overpowered Stryker for most of the match, delivering some hard hitting chops and kicks to the action star. At one point, Stryker would make a comeback and lock in the ‘asintado’ sharpshooter submission hold. Coach Gus Queens would  distract the referee for Lawin to escape the hold and deliver a devastating powerbomb. Gigs Stryker would get a shoulder up and surprise Lawin with a stunner for the pinfall victory.

mwf-show-when-in-manila-gigs-rex-3Rex Lawin gets some payback

Coach Queens congratulated Gigs Stryker after the match, but Lawn would not do the same. Rex Lawin pounced on Gigs and planted him on the mat with a vicious spinning gut-wrench powerbomb. Coach Queens tried his best to stop Lawin from attacking, but it seemed like it was Queens who was schooled by his protégé on how to respond to such a loss.

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