Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF) Makes an Impactful Debut

mwf-show-when-in-manila-morgan-frankie-1Morgan Vaughn kicks Frankie Thurteen

mwf-show-when-in-manila-morgan-frankie-2Frankie drops the boots on Morgan

Morgan Vaughn vs Frankie Thurteen

These two young and talented competitors had an evenly matched contest that got the crowd talking. Morgan Vaughn, the enigmatic wrestler who would ask the people if they wanted to “see something cool”, put on a wrestling clinic with a variety of submission moves and hard kicks to his opponent. Frankie Thurteen also fought back with some hard hitting offense to Vaughn. At one point, both men would go down on a heap after they delivered their respective superkicks. Frankie Thurteen won the highly competitive match with a double stomp from the top rope.

mwf-show-when-in-manila-mrlucha-sane-1Mr. Lucha looks to sweep Robin Sane off the mat

mwf-show-when-in-manila-mrlucha-sane-2Robin Sane dives off the ropes

Manila Rules Match: Mr. Lucha vs Robin Sane

The main event saw the man fused with strength and agility, Mr. Lucha take on the daredevil known as Robin Sane. This match had a lot of firsts. This would be the first Manila Rules Match at the Makati Cinema Square Arena. Second, Robin Sane would be the first Filipino pro wrestler to compete in both the MWF and PWR’s debut shows at the MCS arena. Finally, it would feature the FIRST 450 Splash off the top rope in Philippine pro wrestling history.

mwf-show-when-in-manila-sane-luchaMr. Lucha lifts Robin Sane up for a suplex

mwf-show-when-in-manila-mrlucha-sane-3Mr. Lucha has Sane on his shoulders

The match consisted of five rounds, each round having a four minute time limit. There would also be a 30 second break in between these rounds for the competitors to ‘rest’ a bit. The first three rounds saw a very even contest between Mr. Lucha and Robin Sane with no one gaining an advantage. We were given a very nice sequence of hold reversals, flips and rolls by both competitors in the matchup. Round three saw both men go at it, highlighted by Sane’s insane suicide dive off the ropes.

mwf-show-when-in-manila-mrlucha-sane-4aRobin Sane kicks Mr. Lucha from the ropes

The final two rounds saw them take it to the distance. Robin Sane performed the very first 450 splash in Philippine wrestling history on the last second of round four.  Sane got the three count but the time expired before the referee counted to three, nullifying any chances of Sane to get the upperhand before the final round. Round five made things decisive as it would be Mr. Lucha getting the victory with a powerbomb into a Death Valley driver maneuver on Robin Sane to finish the match and get the pinfall victory.  Both competitors shook hands after the show in a show of sportsmanship.

mwf-show-when-in-manila-mrlucha-sane-endRobin Sane and Mr. Lucha shake hands

Overall, I enjoyed watching the show and so did the audience. There was a lot of action and a colorful cast of characters such as Fabio Makisig, Moises Liwanag, Mr. Lucha, and Robin Sane. Furthermore, it was great to be back at the MCS Arena as it gave me and most of the people present a sense of nostalgia. We were here before to watch PWR’s early shows from 2014 to mid 2015. Coming back to MCS to watch MWF’s first show was kind of like a reunion of sorts for us local pro wrestling fans.

MWF Live at MCS Quick Results:

  • Fabio Makisig d. Ninja Ryujin via pinfall
  • Hanzello Shilva d. Moises Liwanag via pinfall
  • Gigz Stryker d. Rex Lawin (w/ Coach Gus Queens) via pinfall
  • Frankie Thurteen d. Morgan Vaughn via pinfall
  • Manila Rules Match: Mr. Lucha d. Robin Sane via pinfall at the 5th Round

We would like to thank the people at MWF for inviting us to their first formal pro wrestling events and we wish them more power and success in the future. We would also like to give them a big thank you for printing an  awesome tarp that was on display at the MCS arena during the entire show.

Photos by: Hub Pacheco and Jonathan Guillermo

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