WWE superstars react to The Undertaker retiring at Wrestlemania 33

Many wrestling fans were surprised at the events that unfolded at WWE’s Wrestlemania 33. Especially during the last part of the show.

WWE icon The Undertaker battled Roman Reigns in the main event to cap Wrestlemania. Unfortunately he lost, which was only the second time he suffered a loss at the popular PPV event.

But what caught the surprise of many was after the match, The Undertaker appeared to bring the curtain down on his legendary wrestling career by taking off his leather gloves, coat and hat and leaving them in the middle of the ring.

A ton of tweets from WWE superstars surfaced after that moment, all with the hashtag #ThankYouTaker.




If it was indeed The Undertaker’s last match ever, it’s really sad to see him go and leave for good. He was incredible character which almost everyone related to and loved.

Thank you, Taker!

What’s your favorite moment of The Undertaker?