PWR Live: Mainit – The Road to Wrevolution X Heats Up!


PWR Live: Mainit made things hot as we draw close to Philippine Wrestling Revolution’s (PWR) biggest event of the year, Wrevolution X! We saw the debut of new wrestlers, new rivalries, and more last March 19, 2017 at the Unilab Bayanihan Center in Pasig City.

Pre-Show Goodies

pwr-live-mainit-the-road-wrevolutionx-heats-up-when-in-manila-evan-carleauxEvan Carleaux

PWR Live: Mainit retained the pre-show tradition of PWR shows and they were fantastic. The man known as Evan Carleaux extended his PWR pre-show winning streak to 2-0 after he defeated the feisty newcomer known as “Bolt”. Bolt put up a good fight but it was Carleaux’s Tech Noir submission hold that spelled his doom.

pwr-live-mainit-the-road-wrevolutionx-heats-up-when-in-manila-evan-crystal-trianCrystal takes on Trian Dela Torre

Crystal had an open challenge in our next pre-show contest. PWR Referee Trian Dela Torre would be the surprise challenger and tried to get the win by attempting a couple of early small packages and rollups. Crystal had Dela Torre “Eat Defeat” and got the pinfall victory. Trian Dela Torre’s debut match got the crowd and Mr. Sy’s attention, with the latter giving him a PWR contract.

pwr-live-mainit-the-road-wrevolutionx-heats-up-when-in-manila-mahabaRederick Mahaba with a neck brace

Goodbye Rederick Mahaba?

The Main show had Mr. Sy address the audience to a number of issues such as the main event of Wrevolution X (Chris Panzer vs the PWR Champion) which would be happening on April 30, 2017, the The Network’s Chino Guinto situation that would be fixed internally within The Network themselves, and the tag team tournament. The highlight was at the end with him introducing PWR’s Rederick Mahaba. Rederick would enter ringside with a neck brace and tell the PWR fans that he will have to retire after the Apocalypse aggravated his injured neck at the last event, PWR Path of Gold.

PWR Tag Team Tournament – The Road to the Finals

Six Tag Teams joined the PWR Tag Team Tournament and the three winners of the event would face each other in a three-way tag team match at Wrevolution X.

pwr-live-mainit-the-road-wrevolutionx-heats-up-when-in-manila-deadly-sinns-danVlad Sinnsyk delivers a German Suplex on Dan Ericson as Mike Madrigal looks on

Delirium (Dax Xaviera and Dan Ericson) and the Deadly Sinns (Mike Madrigal and Sinnsyk) were the first two teams to tangle for a spot at the Tag Team Tournament Finals. The high flying duo of Xaviera and Ericson took Madrigal and Sinnsyk to the limit and almost got the win. However, the Deadly Sinns got the win after they isolated Dan Ericson and took him out with an assisted Muscle Buster. Mike Madrigal got some retribution from Delirium after losing to them in last year’s Wrevolution X pre-show.

pwr-live-mainit-the-road-wrevolutionx-heats-up-when-in-manila-idol-rosalesIdol takes a trip to “Barangay Suplex” c/o Miguel Rosales

The Network, who was missing Chino Guinto, was represented by James “Idol” Martinez and Alexander Belmonte III. They faced one of PWR’s powerhouse tag teams in the form of Fighters 4 Hire (Joey Bax and Miguel Rosales). Martinez and Belmonte had control for most of the match as they mostly double teamed Joey Bax. Miguel Rosales would get the ‘hot tag’ and send The Network into “Barangay Suplex”. The Fighters 4 Hire would advance after Belmonte III was abandoned by Idol and was taken out by Bax and Rosales’ double team maneuver.

pwr-live-mainit-the-road-wrevolutionx-heats-up-when-in-manila-martivo-yoloMartivo takes down both YOLO Twins

The YOLO Twins (Yohann and Logan Ollores) tangled with the Punk Dolls (Martivo and Robynn) in the final tag team tournament match. The twins had the advantage against Martivoa nd Robynn, but the Punk Dolls would trap both Yohann and Logan with a couple of deadly submission moves near the end of the match. Had it not been for the distraction of James “Idol” Martinez and Alexander Belmonte III, they would’ve won too. With the Punk Dolls distracted, the YOLO twins would get the pinfall victory after a Two Night Stand on Martivo.

Heading to Wrevolution X, the three teams that will face each other to become the inaugural PWR Tag Team Champions will be the Deadly Sinns, Fighters 4 Hire, and the YOLO Twins. Who will be the tag team that will rise to the occasion win? We will find out this April!

pwr-live-mainit-the-road-wrevolutionx-heats-up-when-in-manila-crystal-robynnCrystal and Robynn will face each other this April

Crystal vs Robynn Set For April

After the YOLO Twins vs Punk Dolls match, Idol and ABIII would assault Martivo and Robynn. Crystal would storm into the ringside area to save the Punk Dolls. Once The Network made their exit, Crystal would approach Robynn and shake her hand. Crystal would pull her in before she let go and left the ringside area. Mr. Sy would confirm a few minutes later that it will be a woman’s match at Wrevolution X with Crystal vs Robynn.

The Power of Love vs the Power of Hate

pwr-live-mainit-the-road-wrevolutionx-heats-up-when-in-manila-versoza-apocalypsePeter Versoza keeps the Apocalypse grounded

Peter Versoza, the PHX Champion, would face the enigmatic masked man known as The Apocalypse in his PHX title defense. The Apocalypse took Versoza to hell and back, assaulting and targeting his left arm. Versoza almost got the win after a mighty Karne Norte stomach breaker on the Apocalypse that had a near count. The Apocalypse accidentally knocked out the referee while he lifted Versoza for the Death Bell. The masked man would connect with his finisher, but Rederick Mahaba slid into the ring to assaulted the Apocalypse with a crowbar. Mahaba took off his neck brace to reveal that he wasn’t injured and hit the “It’s More Slam In the Philippines” on the Apocalypse. Versoza would pin the downed Apocalypse 1-2-3 to retain the PHX Title.

pwr-live-mainit-the-road-wrevolutionx-heats-up-when-in-manila-mahaba-apocMahaba attacks the Apocalypse

Rederick Mahaba would challenge the Apocalypse to a match at Wrevolution X. Mr. Sy agreed to make the match, and added that it would be Rederick Mahaba vs the Apocalypse in an “All Out War” match! We will see the Power of Love (Mahaba) take on the Power of Hate and Destruction (the Apocalypse) at PWR’s biggest show of the year.

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