Puñta Manila: A Great New Restaurant Discovery for South American Eats!

Puñta Manila: A Great New Restaurant Discovery for South American Eats!

Puñta, WhenInManila! Oooops… Im not cursing the traffic in Manila. I just want to share my astonishment for this new dining place called Puñta Manila, situated at Liberty Center in Mandaluyong City. Yes, it is an open secret. It is read as pu-nye-ta, but definitely in a good context. It is because they serve good South American dishes that everybody will definitely love.


As interesting as its name, it is proportionately appealing to taste is their selection of Anticuchos or the traditional Peruvian street fare consisting of skewered meat and innards. We love how tender their Mollejas de Pollo or chicken gizzard is. We also love their Higado de pollo or chicken liver, and Chinchulines or pork intestines that are equally tasty and savory. Anticuchos is similar to Filipino street food, like our own grilled “balun-balunan” and “isaw”, but Puñta Manila prepare theirs with their house salsa and sauces: crema de ajo, chimichurri, salsa roja and hot aceite de Puñta. If you are worried about the intestines and innards, don’t. They are clean and well cured.

Puñta Manila-WhenInManila-1

Mollejas de Pollo (P165)

Puñta Manila-WhenInManila-11

 Chinchulines (P165)

Puñta Manila-WhenInManila-12

 Higado de Pollo (P165)

Did you know that back in the day, Anticuchos was considered to be food for slaves in some areas in South America? Those slaves made ways to make the unwanted parts of the cattle and chicken presentable and good tasting though.

While enjoying your Anticuchos, it is just right to drink up and wash it down with their tequila called Chupito! Woohooo! This is such a smooth criminal, though! Crazy good with that orange slice and a hint of cinnamon.

Puñta Manila-WhenInManila-9


One of the house specialties is the Lo Mejor, which was happily served to us by Chef Anj of Puñta ManilaLo Mejor means the best in Spanish, and that emanates through its rich and bold flavour that bursts on the palate. Best dish to say that magic word: Puñta!  It consists of tripe, ox tail and tongue stewed in cumin, tomatoes and chorizo. Do no wrong if you order this dish.

Puñta Manila-WhenInManila-13

 Lo Mejor (P495)

Adding up to the queue of what we love at Puñta Manila are Pechuga Pollo, and their own version of tacos — Tostados a la Garnachas.

Puñta Manila-WhenInManila-2

 Pechuga de Pollo (P 330)

Some of you might get the impression that this pretty new restaurant is fancy or just a night-out place because of its industrial and classy interiors, but they actually take lunch orders and their prices are very reasonable for the servinsg. By the way, they are open from 11 AM until 3 AM. Other than the food, the ambiance and festive playlist are also other good reasons to gather here with family and friends.

Surely, “puñta!” will not be as good as an expression until you try Puñta Manila.

Puñta Manila-WhenInManila-16


The Park, Liberty Center, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong

IG & TWITTER: @puntamanila

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/puntamanila

Tel No. : (02) 941 2870

Puñta Manila: A Great New Restaurant Discovery for South American Eats!