PlusSound Audio: Echo+ in-ear monitor cable and interconnect, an out-of-the-head musical experience!

Being an audiophile, I know how hard it is to pick cables. Cables that certainly make a difference in sound quality, and especially for the aesthetic beauty of the hobby or simplicity in the parallel form, the braid design or shielding design. Many cable companies offer upgrade cables and other cable solutions with basically just adding their own braid designs and a basic sleeve for the aesthetics of the cable. Sure, these designs and companies are good. Beautiful cable braids that are amazing aesthetically, and using top quality cable materials that sound magnificent. But there’s something missing in the market, full upgrade cable makers that customizes from bottom up. This is where PlusSound Audio comes in. PlusSound Audio is a custom cable and amplifier company that is based in Los Angeles, California, USA. They build cables even with their own shielding designs, own shrink tubes with their logo, own customization of cable compositions, customized terminations and insulation. There’s even an option to include an iPhone or Android in-line microphone and remote! Let’s see how their work matches with others.




With CIEMs (Custom In-Ear Monitors) my first step is always cable replacement and I just have happened to got the PlusSound Echo+ series CIEM cable to replace my Vision-Ears VE6 Xcontrol stock cable. The PlusSound Echo+ is PlusSound’s latest work of art. A customized Type-6 Litz that is dual insulated, multi-dampened, and tri-shielded. Out of all cables that I have owned, it has the best soundstage width and coherence of instruments. Usually, having a bigger soundstage pushes the mids and instruments slightly back and laid back. With the Echo+, mids and instruments are definitely not drained out, they retain a good presence and aura even with everything presented wide and grand. Everything is wide and separated but never going analytic, it retains coherence and smoothness of instruments while giving great accuracy in imaging. Soundstage height, there is one more cable that is capable of giving better height, but with width and imaging, the Echo+ is difficult to beat! Out of around 5-6 cables that I have paired with my Vision-Ears VE6XC and VE5, the PlusSound Echo+ is the best in catering an out of the head feel with fantastic imaging and flow! I also have the PlusSound Echo+ in a balanced interconnect form and it gives the same wide soundstage and imaging.




Overall: At a starting price of $274.99 for the IEM/CIEM cable, and $119.99 for the Interconnect version, the Echo+ is stellar! Knocking down easily cables worth double the price, this is a very high recommendation for me to fellow audiophiles and those coming into this hobby. Everyone who heard my Echo+ has the same sentiments and love for the Echo+even when they are using cables twice the price, and that means a lot! Order yours now below!


PlusSound Audio Website