PLUMP by The Plump Pinay : Swimsuits That Let You Embrace Your Body

When In Manila, if there are two women who have taken body acceptance to the battle field, it is Danah and Stacey Gutierrez of the Plump Pinay.  I met them in a collaboration shoot with The Boudoir Dolls  way back 2011 because of our same advocacy in being comfortable in your own skin and ever since then I have been proudly watching them trailblaze the body love movement in the country.  


The big and voluptuous duo has now taken their advocacy to greater heights with their first swim wear collection called PLUMP (by Danah & Stacey).  They want to change how ladies view their bodies this summer season.  


While most of us would strive for a “bikini body” before putting on that bikini, PLUMP truly believes that “the only way to have a bikini body is to put a damn good-looking bikini on that body!”  And honey, that means being comfortable in your skin right NOW!


Check out all the gorgeousness that can be yours too below.


The Stephanie : Edgy, bold, and flirty;

This mesh cut-out two-piece instantly exudes glamorous bad-assery at its sexiest
The Maxine : Sporty, cool, and secure;
This two-piece bustier and skirtini combo will add chic to the strong spirit in you.
plumpinay-plump-pinay-plus-size-swim-wear-when-in-manila--4 plumpinay-plump-pinay-plus-size-swim-wear-when-in-manila--3
The Isabel : Sweet, feminine, and fun;
The Isabel semi-swimdress monokini is sure to make you feel like the curvy mermaid you’ve always dreamed to be.
plumpinay-plump-pinay-plus-size-swim-wear-when-in-manila--2 plumpinay-plump-pinay-plus-size-swim-wear-when-in-manila-
The Angela : Fierce, confident and sexy;
The Angela triangle monokini will hug your curves perfectly and make your voluptuous silhouette show.
plumpinay-plump-pinay-plus-size-swim-wear-when-in-manila-6922 plumpinay-plump-pinay-plus-size-swim-wear-when-in-manila--5
All PLUMP swimsuits are made-to-order to ensure that your curves are hugged perfectly. This means you get to customize your PLUMP swimsuit depending on your cup size and body size from our size charts.
For more details on ordering click here.

When In Manila, summer will never be the same with PLUMP.


Photo credits to : Mayad Beginnings


Founded on November 2009, twin sisters Danah and Stacy Gutierrez have had enough with the societal pressures on women’s bodies and the media’s unattainable standards of beauty. After deciding to accept their own bodies and love them for what they naturally are—big and voluptuous—the twins created The Plump Pinay, the first ever body acceptance blog in the country. Since then, they have pioneered the body love movement that has sparked change from fashion demographics to women’s lives at large. The duo continuously challenges the society to redefine beauty and fitness as they strive to make every body know that diversity is to be celebrated, one woman at a time.

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