Play Your Way To Scrummy Food By Deck MNL

Photos by: Franchesca Collantes
Video by: Geraldine Gallardo

Board games have definitely come a long way. It has recently broken the confines of being played at home to something done to kill time long class breaks, low-key Friday night outs, to actual board game cafes. Just last year, the board game madness has reached the stretch of Taft, making its way to Ocampo Street. Yes, I’m talking about Deck MNL Board Game Café.

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Play Your Way To Scrummy Food By Deck MNL

What sets Deck MNL apart from the other board game cafés? They let you play your all-time favorite games and even introduce you to new and alternative board games. And the good stuff doesn’t stop there. This café has the comfiest interiors; a homey vibe. The walls are painted mint green, resonating good vibes only and eliminating the quick tempered in each player. Did I mention they also serve great food? Yes, Deck MNL allows you to revel in excellent food while you take that Uno win!



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Allow us to take you as bait as we give you a quick rundown of what you can enjoy when you visit their cool space.

6. Pizza Rolls

Bread stuffed with bacon, ham and cheese—basically a pizza but it gives you that extra punch of crunchiness from the deep fried goodness that comes with it. Tip: Try this dish with their bomb dipping sauce and make your day complete!


5. Bacon Mozzarella

When it seems like bacon mozzarella isn’t enough, they serve it with their clean cut fries. The twosome doesn’t disappoint at all. You can take turns eating the creamy mozzarella wrapped in bacon and gnawing their crispy French fries.


4. Rice Meals: Spicy Buttered Chicken, Chicken Fingers with Tartar Sauce, and Buffalo Wings

My, their rice meals are affordable. And the cheap price doesn’t keep the taste of their food short.

If you’re up for the challenge, dive into their buttery chicken with a little kick from the spicy pepper bits. You can also get yourself the sweet, tangy Buffalo wings—either way, prepare to get your hands on the dish and your tummy happy from all the spicy, sweet sauce. If you’re all about keeping your hands clean to use it for playing (aka winning), you have to try their Chicken Fingers with Tartar Sauce. It’s absolutely a win-win situation: you keep your hands free and have your tummy be filled with just good food.


3. Waffle Ice Cream

A good motivation to really get the competition going is setting a prize everybody wants to get. I say, get this naughty treat for whoever takes home the victory. Or probably when you feel like sharing a desert with your playmates (why not?), get this desert and treat yourselves with a good ‘ole Belgian waffles topped with loads of vanilla ice cream with a generous drizzle of chocolate syrup—yum!


2. Deck of Nachos

I have a bit of a bias towards their nachos only because their version is overloaded with salsa, cheese sauce, and beef. And their tortilla chips are so colorful, I don’t want to eat it (kidding, I want to finish it myself).


1. Milkshakes: Berry Yummy, S’mores, Buttercup

What brings all the boys to the yard? Their feast-for-the-eyes and incredibly scrummy milkshakes! Their creations are teeming with all your favorite toppings—you name it, they have it. And the milkshake doesn’t fall short at all because they’ve put a twist on it by making their drink 100% ice cream, meaning no ice but more room for ice cream.

       Play Your Way To Scrummy Food By Deck MNL

The next time you end up having nothing to do with your free time or you’re just sick of going out for a drink or getting dinner, visit Deck MNL and drag some of your friends for some crazy fun…or you can always go by yourself and play with their friendly staff!



866 Pablo Ocampo Sr. Street Manila, Philippines
Mondays-Saturdays 12pm-10pm

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