Confessions of a Board Game Addict: Top 10 Board / Card Games Available in Manila

Confessions of a Board Game Addict: Top 10 Games Available in Manila

There’s a somewhat new Facebook trend where you list the 10 or 15 best books or films that have stuck with you through time. You list them down, tag a few of your friends, and wait until everyone has done it. If there’s no one left to tag, you come up with a new category and start tagging again. Some variations we’ve seen are music videos and vegetables (seriously), but our favorite so far has to be board games.

Board games are fun because we all grew up with it, from the simple Snakes and Ladders to the more complicated Monopoly. Plus they offer something mobile apps don’t have: the chance for a group of people to get together, play, and have fun. We’ll take board games over Flappy Bird any day, thank you very much!

We at When In Manila are board game addicts. There’s something amazing about getting together with friends, over chips and beer, and one intense board game.¬†Here are the top 10 favorites of the board/card game godfather of the Philippines, Hans Kenner Fernandez! He’s part of Gaming Library, one of the biggest distributors and importers of international board games to Manila, with over 500 different board games, card games and other crazy geeky stuff!¬†

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10. Spartacus

Spartacus, hands down, has to be one of the best political games. Spartacus is all about twisted schemes and bloody combats. Players take on the role of the head of a rising house in the Roman city of Capua. Each house must compete to be the most influential in Rome and you can do this using political schemes and battles. Ever wanted to join the set of Game of Thrones? This is your chance.

“Suzunne. Enough said¬†Gerald Gan¬†John Patrick Tung Yu”


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 9. Mai-star

Like Robinson Crusoe, Mai-Star is set in history, this time in Japan. You are all geisha, and you must compete to hold the legendary title of Mai-Star. To win, you have to increase your popularity and earn money by attracting guests. It’s the classiest catfight ever.

“Suzunne. Enough said. Played with¬†Gerald Gan¬†and¬†John Patrick Tung Yu”

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8. Robinson Crusoe

You don’t need to be a fan of literature to appreciate Robinson Crusoe. Like the protagonist of the English book, you are stranded on a deserted island and you have to survive. You have to build a shelter, find food, fight wild beasts, and protect yourself from the weather. Hundreds of event, object, and structure cards means there are different ways for the game to unfold, like discovering the island’s secrets, finding pirate treasure, an abandoned village, and even a cursed temple.¬†

“I haven’t played it yet (because it keeps getting sold out!) But after meeting Ignacy, (gamedesigner) and his lovely wife, I want to. Adrian when are we going to test it out if we can beat their win rate of 30%?”


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7.  Twilight Struggle

Twilight Struggle is the ultimate political game. While you are only allowed two players per match, you get to play the US or the USSR. The setting is the Cold War, and the goal is to exert influence to gain allies to protect your superpower. The game is surprisingly accurate because the event cards are based on historical happenings, like the Arab-Israeli conflicts of 1948 and 1967, the Vietnam and US peace movement, and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Fulfill your dreams of becoming president (or dictator).

“There’s a reason why this is #1. I believe it has earned that spot and should keep it. I have not seen a¬†game¬†until now that can challenge it. Awesome¬†games¬†with¬†Reg Tolentino¬†and¬†Carlos Iv Sandico”


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6. Resistance: Coup

Resistance: Coup has a political¬†The Hunger Games¬†feel. Resistance: Coup sees you as the head of a family in an Italian city-state run by a weak and corrupt court. Your goal is to manipulate, bluff, and bribe your way to power. If that means destroying the influence of all other families, so be it. Here, it’s destroy or be destroyed.

“Resistance Coup – loved the politics, loved the every man for himself Hunger¬†games¬†feel.¬†Vince Golangco¬†Michelle Angeli Alejandro¬†Elie Ai¬†Also the latest episode of Gametime by¬†Gaming Library (game tutorial and show/feature)”

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