Pioneer Street Market: Mandaluyong’s Hidden Food Gem

With the emergence of food parks all over Manila, it’s been hard to keep track of all of them. (We’ve covered The Yard, StrEat and Boxpark MNL, for example.) Whether or not Pioneer Street Market has reached your radar, it’s a place you have to put on your list!

Open for a year now, this gourmet market is not like your average food park. The gratifying thing about this place is that it’s indoors and air-conditioned. With wooden tables, stands and strewn lights, their eating areas blend indoor comfort with an outdoor feel. Plus, they offer alternative healthy options with market stalls that sell products (read more about this on page 3). Any way you want it, they’ve got it.

Pioneer Street Market

More than that, Pioneer Street Market is home to a very culturally diverse range of over 15 food and drinks stalls. Here’s a peek at some of their bestsellers:



Shawarma is amazing. Pizza is amazing. Whoever thought of putting ’em together made something doubly amazing. With Blended’s array of both shawarma and pizza, the combination was inevitable. This clever shawarma pizza by Blended is a pleasure with every garlic saucy bite.


Pioneer Street Market Alamino's

Sonsi offers an extensive range of authentic longganisa from different regions of the Philippines, bringing the best from all around to Pasig. As far as longganisa goes around Manila, their Alaminos are a fine choice.

Pomodoro Pizza


Pomodoro’s Italian brick oven pizza is freshly made (including the dough) and cooked in a brick oven that is specially made just for them. Using parmesan, Romano, mozzarella and their secret cheese, their quattro formaggi pizza will leave you wondering what their secret really is to their cheesiness.



Nothing says ‘craving satisfied’ like a good ol’ grilled panini, which isn’t too often considered as a main dish of a stall or restaurant, making this a rare treat. Bleu cheese fans, listen up: Tramezzino’s Steak, Bacon, and Bleu Cheese panini is here just for you.

Tasty Tucker


Tasty Tucker’s pies are generously filled with crust that is neither too thick nor flaky. Tip: their bestsellers are the Pepper Steak and Steak, and Bacon and Cheese. They can even make mini-pies for events.

Big Kahuna


Initially a Hawaiian fast casual restaurant concept for surfers who need a carbo load, Big Kahuna sure knows how to load up a plate. For only 190 pesos, this meal is a great bargain. Their katsu sauce iss the highlight of their katsu dish, and their fried rice uses pineapples to keep things savoury and new.

Auntie May’s


Auntie May’s award-winning original salpicao is one of the most unforgettable yet. Their beef is so tender and sauce so flavorful that you can mix and eat it with rice alone and still be satisfied. The taste and their homey presentation will really make you feel like you’re eating something fresh and homemade, too – a must-try!

Soul Potato


Soul Potato specializes in mashed potatoes in their own style and in serving huge portions at affordable prices. They certainly meant big portions when they brought out this dish – chicken fillets with cheese melted on top accompanied by their signature creamy mashed potatoes and vegetables. The chicken and cheese combo is officially new comfort food.

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