The Top 15 Bestsellers at Streat: Commonwealth Food Park

Diverse cuisine will greet you at Streat: Commonwealth Food Park – the new branch of Maginhawa’s famous food park. The food park located in Don Mariano Marcos Avenue, Quezon City is another promising edition to Quezon City’s thriving food industry. There is no doubt that the family – Kitty del Castillo, co-founder of Starr’s Famous Shakes; her husband Mike Del Castillo; and their daughter Cheska del Castillo, marketing planner and graphic designer – are certainly ambitious! Their business has provided a venue for local food startups at an affordable price!



The Streat: Commonwealth Food Park opens its doors with 8 food containers and 2 food trucks. Each stall specializes in famous cuisines, such as Italian, American, Mexican or Japanese; and all of the establishments are designed according to the cuisine they specialize in. For instance, Seoul Food Truck has a modern Gangnam-style layout, while Ozawa adapts a Japanese minimalist style. The upside is that you can experience diverse cuisines in one single location.

The innovative food park also proves to be the perfect place for a romantic date or a hangout with your barkada. You can enjoy the view of the night sky or the feeling of the cool air, while enjoying foreign cuisine and catching up with old friends.





It can be quite problematic when you’re faced with a variety of choices, though. To solve this possible dilemma when you are at the Streat: Commonwealth Food Park, we’ve come up with a list of bestsellers from each establishment. Scroll down below to figure out which stall you’d most likely fall in love with.

The Top 15 Bestsellers at Streat: Commonwealth Food Park

15. Blue Lemonade from Sakiboy (P35)


Sakiboy’s Blue Lemonade is a drink that will go well with any meal. The drink is fresh and minty, making it the perfect choice after a busy day.

14. Torched Fries from The Fry Guys (P150)


Ever had your fries torched? Well, you should, because torched fries are the definition of food porn! Just marvel at the thick-cut fries that are slathered with a generous dose of poutine! If that’s not enough, you can order their bacon fries oozing with creamy cheese and bits of spicy jalapeños instead. Just one bite of this delicious concoction and you will be too far gone! Think you’re too much of a neat freak to try out messy finger food? Trust me, that should be the least of your problems.

13. Ombre Cake from Hue Cafe (P145)


This decadent, light and moist vanilla pound cake is baked with just the right balance. It’s a simple treat, never coming across as too sweet, and it holding the right amount of vanilla to pass as a dessert. This treat is perfect for those that love dessert, but want to stay on the safe side.

12. Noritako from Ozawa Noritako (P145)


The Noritako is a fusion of Mexican tacos and Japanese sushi. The oversized noritakos use a classic taco wrapped in crunchy nori wrapper as its outer shell. Each taco contains tenderloin steak, rice, carrots, cucumber and sesame topped with Japanese mayo. Upon eating the dish, you will feel the crunchy texture of the taco mesh with the soft rice. The tenderloin steak gives the dish a special twist, too, as you savor the umami tang of the sushi unexpectedly combined with Mexican flavors. The succulent meat is also chewy, making the noritako’s interior smooth to the tongue.

11. Chicken Karaage Noritako from Ozawa Noritako (P130)


Like the Noritako, the Chicken Karaage Noritako boasts of a creative union of Mexican and Japanese cuisine. It also makes use of tacos wrapped in crunchy nori wrapper as the outer shell. What makes it different from its predecessor is its inclusion of chicken karaage and roasted sesame dressing. A taste of the noritako reveals that it is a well-seasoned and balanced combination of salty and sweet. The garlicky flavor of chicken karaage complements the sticky rice, earthy vegetables and Japanese mayo.

Each piece of noritako is large for a sushi, though, making it difficult to eat with a chopstick, so you just stick with your fingers here. Anyway, you will stop caring once you get a taste of the multitude of flavors that the noritakos have to offer. In addition, the lavish serving size and the quality of the ingredients will assure that your money is well spent.

10. Double Trouble from Flaming Moo Burgers (P200)


As its namesake suggests, this burger is double the size of Flaming Moo’s regular burgers. The American-style gourmet burger includes a big toasted bun with hefty portions of plum mushrooms, spiced ham and crispy bacon, the earthiness of which enhances the fresh meat. The burger oozes with a melted cheesy interior that is bound to make your knees weak.

When it comes to the beef, the patties are big and juicy, and a lot more succulent than the usual restaurant burgers. Upon eating, you may be surprised by the beef’s soft and smooth texture that perfectly rolls off the tongue. This is no surprise since the establishment boasts of fresh flame-grilled meat. The burger is definitely worth the price range as it is a lot bigger than the burgers you may be used to.

9. Pad Thai from Maliwan Thai Kitchen (P130)


The Pad Thai will assault your tastebuds with its use of strong spices and diverse ingredients. The dish combines generous servings of peanuts, bean sprouts, soy, rice noodles, shrimp and tofu. There are also hints of lime that add zest to the already flavorful dish. A taste of the dish unveils its spicy flavor, which eventually cools off on your tongue. Moreover, the generous serving of soft and sticky noodles makes this a gratifying budget meal.

8. Spring Rolls from Maliwan Thai Kitchen (P120)


These Thai-style spring rolls consist of a delightfully fresh combination of leafy vegetables, carrots, pungent herbs and beef—all stuffed snuggly in a rice wrapper. Its sauce is well-balanced and contrasts well with the distinct flavors of basil and mint. If you are on a healthy diet, this dish would be perfect for you.

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