PHL360 Video Series: The Ultimate Philippine Adventure Starts Here

 PHL360 Video Series



When In Manila or wherever you are in the Philippines, there are places waiting to be visited and adventures to be taken!


Before, we refer to the good old travel books and magazines for travel suggestions. Or maybe ask our friends and relatives, Hey, where’s a good place to go on vacation? or  Man, I’m stressed from work. Gotta go on a getaway. Let’s use those vacation leaves, shall we?







Well, here’s a web series that  all travel junkies and web lurkers should watch out for. Whether you’re the go-getter traveler who isn’t afraid to go on adventures or the always-research-before-we-go-out person, this web series is for you!







PHL360 is a web series that will showcase travel destinations through the adventures of eight travel bloggers. They launched their website and official trailer last April 8, 2012. The names of the cast have not been revealed yet but they were given these nicks that are descriptions of their different personalities. They are Rebel Tramp, Gutsy Chick,  Artsy Backpacker,  Urban Nomad,  Adventure Buff, Sporty Tripper, Quirky Wanderboy, and Hippie Hobo. These eight indie travelers will be divided to 4 pairs and be given different adventures to undertake. Maybe Adventure Buff and Sporty Tripper will get along if they get paired. Or Artsy Backpacker and Quirky Wanderboy will get along and start their own artsy-quirky love affair! Ok,this is me getting all excited about the show but trust me, after you watch the trailer, you’re gonna be amazed and waiting for the first episode as well! These travelers will go on a destination with a mission to make the trip extra meaningful. Now how dainty is that?


It’ll be helpful to all of us since they’ll cover pre-trip and post-trip happenings as well. It’s one thing to read travel tips from magazines and websites but it’s another thing to see real people going on real trips!



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PHL360: The Ultimate Adventure Starts Here

PHL360 Official Website: https://phl360.com

 PHL360 Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PHL360

PHL360 Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/phl360



 PHL360 Video Series: The Ultimate Philippine Adventure Starts Here