This Persian-Themed Wellness Center is Perfect for the Man in Your Life

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you deserve a moment of relaxation. A trip to the spa will do just the trick to relieve you of any discomfort and distraction. If you’re looking for the perfect establishment to visit, particularly this Father’s Day, I highly recommend Aramesh Wellness Spa.

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Aramesh Wellness Spa is not your ordinary massage center. It’s the first Persian-themed wellness hub in the Philippines that offers an experience like no other. In terms of service, treatments, and ambiance; you’ll see the vast difference in the hospitality that Persians are known for.

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One of the most remarkable features of Aramesh Wellness Spa is their professionally-trained staff. From your first step into the establishment until the time you leave, you’ll feel the warm courteousness and professionalism of the team in how they treat you as a customer. They will genuinely make sure you are both mentally and physically relaxed to make your visit as serene as possible.

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The massage therapists and massage practitioners there are also top-notch when it comes to their craft. What differentiates them from other masseurs is that they are certified and highly-trained in Persian therapy techniques. If you have been hoping to try a Persian-themed massage, this is about as authentic as it can get.

Since earlier times, Persians have been making use of herbal and natural therapy for their health and wellbeing. Aramesh Wellness Spa sees to it that they do the same by using high-grade organic essential oils for both massage therapy and aromatherapy—the latter especially.

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Before your massage, you get to pick a premium body oil from the following labels: Well-Being, Stress-Relief, Happiness, and Bliss-Heaven.

Each of them varies in scent and aromatic strength—it all depends on your personal preference.

In fact, Aramesh Wellness Spa has diffusers everywhere steaming those same rich essential oils. This is because they believe that aromatherapy is a prominent aspect in improving one’s health as it invokes one of our most sensitive senses (smelling). It is also said that aromatherapy regulates the body temperature, releases hormones, increases metabolism, relieves stress, and improves the immune system.

Upon entering the spa, you’ll be greeted by an alluring and relaxing scent inviting you to a phase of lull and tranquility. I tried the Aramesh Signature Massage, and it was so blissful.

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Their incredibly deep massage strokes focus on targeting your soft tissues, wakening your senses, ensuring that you feel rejuvenated, and freeing you from painful joints and muscles.

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I also got to try their hand paraffin spa, which basically exposes your hands to candle wax. Don’t get intimidated by the heat of the melted wax. It’s perfectly safe—tried and tested. Once you’ve dipped your hands into the liquid and it has cooled off, you can peel it off and your hands will feel as soft as a baby.

You can also check out their website for the complete list of services that they offer. I’d recommend availing of services in bundles in order to save more money overall.

Aside from the fantastic accommodation and high quality therapy, you are sure to appreciate the added services, as well. They have a beautiful lounge for you to relax in along with refreshments to keep you hydrated.

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They even serve infused water and Persian Tea for free!

The spa itself is one thing, but to be served hot Persian tea to complete the experience adds even more luxury.

After my first visit to Aramesh Wellness Spa, I’m confident to say it won’t be my last, especially since they have several uniquely Persian packages that you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

This would actually make for a great Father’s Day gift.

Why don’t you give your dad a day of pampering as a thank you for all of his hard work and sacrifices? I promise Aramesh Wellness Spa won’t disappoint!

Aramesh Wellness Spa

Unit 601, 6th Floor, Heart Tower 108,Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati

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