Kite Kebab Bar: Enjoy Delicious Persian Food with a Twist

Words by: Arielle Choy / Photos by: Paolo Pareno / Graphics by: Jillian Bueno

If you’re in the mood for Persian food, Kite Kebab Bar is one place you need to visit.

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There are two Kite Kebab Bars in Makati, but the one we visited recently is their second branch in Tordesillas.

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The restaurant’s interiors are unlike any other. It resembles a museum with various murals and decorations on the walls that the owner had collected over the years. Plus, all of the decorations and furniture are antiques that the owner restored to make them usable again.

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Something you will instantly notice when you enter the restaurant is the well-stocked bar that takes up half of the space. Kite Kebab Bar offers a very extensive drinks menu that covers everything from local beers to customized gin and tonics.

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Fatoush Salad, Php168

When it comes to the food, Kite Kebab Bar doesn’t disappoint, either. If you want something light and healthy, try the Fatoush Salad which consists of a mix Middle Eastern vegetables, pita chips for a nice crunch, and spices like sumac, a spice made from berries. The special vinaigrette coupled with a hint of lime makes this dish taste really refreshing.

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Mezze Sampler (price upon request)

If you cannot decide which of Kite’s bestsellers to try, the Mezze sampler is the answer to your dilemma. The Mezze sampler consists of Kite Kebab Bar favorites like the  falafel and vegetarian samosas. It also includes the restaurant’s signature hummus, Baba Baoush, and Tzatziki dips. A serving of the classic pita bread is also included to eat with the three dips.

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Classic Kebab, Php138

Another definite must-try are their charcoal flame grilled skewers. All their skewers are made fresh upon order and will surely satisfy your cravings. If you want to go with the traditional skewer, then Kite’s classic kebab is what you should go for. The beef mixed with special Mediterranean spices and served with a grilled tomato is cooked to perfection. The charred meat is flavourful and juicy and literally melts in your mouth.

If beef isn’t your thing, try Kite’s shrimp tandoori skewer instead. Just like the beef, the shrimp tandoori really packs a punch flavor-wise due to the special marinade used in the recipe.

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Ox Tongue (Lengua), Php118

For more adventurous eaters, something you shouldn’t miss is the ox tongue skewer or lengua. Although it was my first time trying ox tongue, I have to say that the flavor really surprised me because of how delicious it is.

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Turmeric Rice, Php45 / Basmati Rice, Php65

To enjoy the meat all the more, Kite Kebab Bar serves basmati and turmeric rice. Aside from complementing the skewers, basmati and turmeric rice are also better for your health compared to regular rice.

Because of its good location and bar, Kite Kebab Bar is a great place to hang out with your friends after work.

Aside from serving regular dishes, Kite Kebab Bar also has a wide selection of bar chow. 

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Garapal Spicy Chicken Wings, Php150 (6 pieces)

The Garapal Spicy Chicken Wings is something you should get if you like some heat in your food. The wings’ unique spicy flavor really packs a punch to your thanks to the special mixture of cacao, coffee, and Philippine chilis used in the recipe.

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Mediterranean Keema Fries, Php245

Another dish that is good for sharing is the Mediterranean Keema Fries which are crispy fries mixed with cheese, tomato, onions, and jalapenos.

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If you’re looking for quality Persian food, Kite Kebab Bar is definitely the place to go. Because of the restaurant’s philosophy of only using the freshest and highest quality ingredients, the food is really something that will not disappoint even the harshest critics.

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For parties and other events, Kite Kebab Bar also offers catering services. So what are you waiting for? Visit Kite Kebab Bar now and discover a taste of Persia for yourself!

Kite Kebab Bar

117 Finman Bldg, Tordesillas, Makati


Instagram: @kitekebabbar