5 Reasons Why Persian Carpets are Worth the Investment

Words by: Arielle Choy / Photos by: Paolo Pareno

Art on the floor – that’s what a Persian carpet is. Aside from being amazing pieces of decor that can really elevate your home, though, Persian carpets also have a rich history behind them. Here are 5 reasons why Persian carpets are the coolest things ever.

5 Reasons Why Persian Carpets are Worth the Investment

5. They look absolutely gorgeous.

As just mentioned, each Persian carpet is like a work of art bursting with colors and intricate details. The designs on Persian carpets can range from everything from animals to abstract patterns. If you’re looking for something that can really upgrade your home, a Persian carpet would be a great choice.

4. They are a part of Persian history.

You can learn a lot about the history of Persia (or Iran, as the country is now called) through Persian carpets. Each village and tribe in ancient Persia had their own special style for weaving carpets. And a lot can be said about each tribe’s story and historical narrative via the patterns and designs of these knotted masterpieces.

3. They take a long time to make.

A lot of time and effort go into making a Persian carpet. Because of the sheer number of knots (sometimes even millions) it takes to finish a single Persian carpet, one carpet could take years to finish. Because of this and the quality of the thread used in making them, they can be a bit pricey to procure.

2. They are more than just rugs.

Aside from making traditional carpets and rugs, the knotting technique employed in Persian carpet weaving is also used to make a variety of other things, including doorways and saddle bags that were widely used in Iran’s past.

1. They are priceless.

Even though Persian carpets may have an expensive price tag, they are certainly worth the investment. Since they are made entirely by hand, no two carpets look exactly alike, making each Persian carpet truly unique.

Moreover, since Persian carpet weaving is a dying art, fewer carpets are being produced. Because of this, Persian carpets are increasing in value and are becoming priceless. With that said, a Persian carpet in your living room today could be worth millions someday.

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