Party Toques Brings the Gourmet Journey to Your Intimate Feasts

Written by Paul Bicol
Photography by Roselleni Calina and Eia Collantes

It’s been about a month or so since the WIMterns Batch 2 Graduation (I really miss you guys already *teary-eyed emoji*), but I still can’t get over that last gathering with you guys…and the dinner we had then. I felt like I traveled to some parts of the world just having to sample those dishes. A different part of the graduation programme, if you will.

Party Toques, a catering service for intimate gatherings, holiday feasts, or simply for hassle-free weekend lunch and dinners, provided the food for our occasion. It was an intern graduation celebration, but man, Party Toques’ dishes are well deserving of its own celebration, too.

The journey started with an appetizer from the New World, an American classic: the Mac and Cheese!

Party Toques

Creamy and smooth, its flavor was spot on and is very friendly without the funk of the more sophisticated cheeses like blue cheese. What’s not to like?

Then came the rice dishes that were awesome on their own.

Party Toques

I was taken to an image of Indonesia after trying out that Nasi Goreng. Earthy flavor with a hint of brightness from the chili slices. The squid rings and shrimp add that delightful seafood flavor to counter the earthy tones. The overall flavor profile of the dish is light, with depth thanks to the flavorful rice and the seafood.

Party Toques

Of course, local pride won’t be out of the equation with the inclusion of the Grilled Liempo Salted Egg Fried Rice. Sinful? Oh yeah. Delicious? You bet! Each mouthful greets your tastebuds with that wave of salted egg flavor that’s a bit rough on the tongue; a good texture. The liempo bits give each bite that needed chew. Flavor-wise, it’s really aggressive. If you value flavor above all, this dish is a must-try!

And to pair with those rice dishes are the main course proteins that are too good to pass up.

WIMtern Grad-48 Party Toques

Take for example this BBQ Chicken. Rustic flavor that’s easy to like. The chimichurri sauce added a big wave of brightness to the chicken. Don’t overdo it, though, the sauce could be a bit powerful…unless that’s what you like, of course.

WIMtern Grad-4 Party Toques

The Beef Kebab was another trip to flavorville with a harmony of spices that dance on the palate quite well. It is served with pita bread, providing a better base. Add the included yogurt sauce and it adds a bit of zing to each bite, adding depth to the spices.

WIMtern Grad-2 Party Toques

The best main course though, if I were to be asked, has to be the Miso Baked Salmon. Maybe it could be my bias for Japanese food, I don’t know. But really, this one’s seriously good! I’m not usually a fan of salmon, but this one doesn’t suffer from the easy umay factor of salmon belly. Despite not being the belly, it easily melts in the mouth. The miso provides a distinct flavor that matches well with the salmon. The bonito flakes seal the deal, perfecting this dish. I honestly went for seconds…no, thirds, maybe? I lost count.

The desserts are another matter altogether. It was my first time to have this Portuguese dessert called Serradura. We were served two variants: Chocnut and Mango.

WIMtern Grad-53 Party Toques

I honestly liked them both, alternating between the rich Chocnut Serradura and the fresh Mango Serradura. Texture-wise, both offer a mix of crumbly and smooth.

wimtern grad 12

The WIMtern graduation dinner felt like an assignment all on its own, having to document this journey of flavors. A passport of opportunities await those who choose to travel the path of a WIMternAs one of my co-interns said, there are no goodbyes, only see-you-soons.

Hats off to Party Toques for providing that exquisite dinner for us! The food was absolutely delicious! If you guys want to serve up good food for your guests no matter the occasion, these are the guys to go to! Check out their Facebook page to see their complete menu and prices.

Party Toques

FB: gourmadebychefroblau
Instagram: @Partytouqes
Mobile: 09178719191