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Original Pitch Venture Capital (OPVC) just launched on August 13, 2016 at WeCube Inc., a collaborative ecosystem located in Legazpi Village, Makati City. Original Pitch Venture Capital introduces its vision to enable startups to reach their full potential, regardless of sector and industry. 18 startups were shortlisted to participate last Saturday.

OP + Wecube

Participants were judged by Original Pitch partners, JJ Atencio, President of the 8990 Housing Development Corporation; Kevin Khoe, Chief Investment Officer of Big Big Holdings; Magellan Fetalino, founder and CEO of Acudeen Technologies, Inc.; Francis Simisim, CEO of Social Light Inc and Founder and Chief Business Development Officer of Blogapalooza ; and Atty. Ian Dato, general counsel and corporate secretary to a number of companies in various industries.


The day’s entrepreneurs, selected from a list of fifty original candidates from a range of sectors, including tech, real estate, health care, transportation, and education, presented their ideas and funding requirements in front of a panel of experienced businessmen.

Here’s a list of the top startups that pitched during the event:

College Division:


2nd Place: Primo

Online Marketplace for Premium Trading

Primo aims to fix the existing yet disorganized and scattered premium trading, which can be found all over the web, particularly on Facebook, Instagram, OLX, Shopee, etc. With all the buyer and seller problems out there, like seeing fake items, scams, trust issues, meet ups and what not; PRIMO provides both buyers and sellers this one organized platform where they can meet and be able to find and sell desired premium items without any risks and doubts. The company is led by Ateneo students Miel Soriano, Cara Paguio, and Jacob Echague.

1st Place: Chromewell (StillFresh) Chromewell

Food Spoilage Alert Technology

Founded by a group of Ateneo students, Chromewell provides businesses and consumers with the only spoilage-indicating strip that helps businesses and consumers avoid food spoilage. The people behind the company are Jefferson Eisma, Jayne Arriola,  Joseph Doroja, Carmela Dy, Jomar Montemayor, and Samantha Tenco.

StartUp Division:

5th Place: Dibz Dibz

AirBnb for Parking

Dibz is a mobile platform that allows Manila drivers to book a parking slot even before they get to their destination. With the ongoing traffic problem, parking is an issue that goes with it. In Metro Manila, one untapped parking resource is private parking spaces. This is the reason why Dibz aims to connect drivers to private parking owners. The company is founded by Donald Saurombe and Leeroy Livy.

4th Place: Incubix Incubix

Dev House: Dev Outsourcing & Product Builder

Led by 2 FilAms from New York, Incubix aims to make the Philippines a hub for world class web, mobile, and gaming application development. The company also has a number of online assets that they are preparing for potential acquisitions, making them a quasi NASDAQ in the Philippines. The company is founded by John San Pedro and Bong Alorro.



3rd Place: Wishy


Online Wedding Gift Registry Platform

Wishy aims to make it simple for couples to receive gifts for their wedding. They solve the problem of a lot of couples who tend to migrate overseas after their wedding by letting them post their wishlist online for their guests to fund instead of the guests buying the gifts themselves, just for the couple to leave the Philippines. The company is founded by Jedd Lim and Joanne Atienza.

2nd Place: ServeHappy ServeHappy

Manpower Recruitment Platform for Hospitality Sector

ServeHappy.PH is a new generation job board platform solely catering to the growing manpower demands of the Hospitality and Travel Industry in the region. With the addition of an enhanced Part-Timer Platform and the use of Social Media Recruitment, ServeHappy thinks of ways we can serve the industry better. The company is led by Audrey Tanco Uy and John Imbong.

1st Place: JourneyTech


Bus Cash Card RFID Technology

JourneyTech aims to automate the bus ticketing requirements of major bus companies and acquire other merchants using their cash card technology. One of the company’s biggest advantages is the core knowledge and expertise of its founder, Donavan Yu, on the bus industry.

As an investor, Original Pitch Venture Capital aims to support high-potential companies to create sustainable competitive advantages and offer original, real world original solutions to emerging markets in Asia.

If you are interested to pitch, you may send your application over.

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