Oriang by Cafe de Bonifacio: Revolutionizing Filipino Palate


WhenInManila , there is no greater comfort food to eat but Filipino dishes. But there is one restaurant that went out of the comfort zone and made Pinoy dishes more special,Oriang by Cafe de Bonoifacio that is.

Oriang by Cafe de Bonifacio revolutionized with the traditional and put some great twist to the typical Filipino cooking. Indeed it lived up to it’s name as it was apellated to one of the bravest known Filipina, Gregoria de Jesus (wife of Andres Bonifacio, father of the Philippine Revolution and founder of Katipunan). It braved the possiblity of making Pinoy dishes even more better and tastier.





Oriang has a simple great vibe for a typical lunch out for the family or friends. They offer great food in a good cost. They also have a very spacious place that can accomodate big groups. Now, that’s very Filipino– eating with company.


wheninmanila-oriangcafedebonifacio171Oriang’s Coolers

Buko Lychee shake , Cucumber Lemon Juice  , Ripe Mango with Coconut Cream Juice  , and Watermelon and Basil Juice


wheninmanila-oriangcafedebonifacio121Oriang’s Coolers

Let me start with superb coolers. Summer has started anyway, and I really recommend Oriang’s shakes and juices that are made with the freshest fruits. I personally love the Watermelon and Basil juice, I find it much more refreshing because of the twist given by the basil to the sweet fruit (I had 2 glasses of this!).


wheninmanila-oriangcafedebonifacio111Crispy Spring Rolls (135php)

For the appetizer, we had Oriang’s Crispy Spring roll. This is their own version of their crispy Lumpia. Instead of wrapping the vegetables in a lumpia wrapper, they presented it this way so that you can both enjoy the crispness of the wrapper and the fresh vegetables.



wheninmanila-oriangcafedebonifacio241Sizzling Squid



wheninmanila-oriangcafedebonifacio211Nilagang Bulalo (325php)

Of course, a Filipino table will never be complete without a stew and warm soup to sip. Oriang’s Bulalo Nilaga is soothingly warm to taste. 


wheninmanila-oriangcafedebonifacio161 Crispy Hito (265 Php)

Perfectly seasoned and fried until crispy catfish


wheninmanila-oriangcafedebonifacio181Oriang Super Fried Rice (215 Php)

Rice sauteed in taba ng talangka (aligue) , garlic, topped with liempo strips and Vigan longganisa

Oriang’s signature Super Fried Rice is sinfully good. I love the aligue rice and the well seasoned liempo. They have an array of rice specialties that can be shared by 3-4 people. I guess they made each of it special because they understand how starch lover Filipinos are. 


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