#NeverlandManilaSepanx: 5 Things We Loved About Neverland Manila 2014


Chasing our dreams that night!


#NeverlandManilaSepanx: 5 Things We Loved About Neverland Manila 2014

When in Manila, months and months of brimming hype have finally led to a magical night of pure EDM bliss as Neverland Manila dared the crowd to last a surreal 12-hour set of nonstop partying. The much-awaited EDM festival exceeded all expectations and delivered a Technicolor musical spectacle that was beyond everyone’s wildest dreams. (Photos taken by Art Oca for Neverland Manila)


#NeverlandManilaSepanx- 5 Things We Loved About Neverland Manila 2014-33Free mini light shows by fellow ravers.


#NeverlandManilaSepanx- 5 Things We Loved About Neverland Manila 2014-31



#NeverlandManilaSepanx- 5 Things We Loved About Neverland Manila 2014-29

Afrojack pumping up the energy.


I’m sure all those in attendance (myself included) were left with a very bad case of festival hangover that’s sure to last us days, even weeks. In the spirit of true PLUR, let’s tug on those #NeverlandManilaSepanx feels a bit more by recalling some of the highlights of the memorable night. And if you weren’t there to experience it, fret not, we’ll take you through the awesomeness that you’ve missed.


neverland-manila-2014-when-in-manila-10 Axwell and Ingrosso



 Afrojack in the zone.



 Sidney Samson giving out champagne showers.



Apster back-to-back with D-Wayne.


#NeverlandManilaSepanx- 5 Things We Loved About Neverland Manila 2014-28

 All roads lead to Axwell ^ Ingrosso


1. The Best of the Best DJ’s

There were a slew of world-class acts that dominated the stage that night, from Bassjackers formally getting the party started to Sidney Samson concluding it with a bang, but it goes without saying that all everyone’s cumulative energies reached their peak during the back-to-back Axwell⌃Ingrosso and Afrojack sets. Hardly anyone can resist Axwell and Ingrosso’s genuine blend of electric mixes and their smooth transitions from one hit to the next, while Afrojack kept the momentum going with intensifying progressions that had the crowd hanging on to the end of every (bass) drop.



 Fireworks punctuating every set.




2. The Fireworks

We know that pyrotechnics is a given for any smashing rave, but when a bombardment of fireworks ensues after every set to light the sky up like new year’s, then you know you’re witnessing the best local rave this year. Such was the fireworks situation at Neverland Manila; the guys sure didn’t scrimp on the pyrotechnics as Dreamchasers were spoiled with a sparkling 5 to 10-minute light show that could easily pass off as an entry for next year’s Pyrolympics, literally ending each DJ set with a bang.








3. The Good Vibes All Around

 At Neverland Manila the good vibes sure ran aplenty, which was no surprise when you spend an entire night with your rave buddies dancing you’re a$$ off and enjoying the sickest mixes spun by no less than the best. I absolutely loved the soaring good vibes that lasted all night long, which all Dreamchasers take credit for. No party poopers or haters to ruin the mood, and no awkward introductions needed for strangers; at raves as great as these all that’s required is to enjoy the moment and take in the amazing energy everyone in the crowd radiates. Just pure Peace, Love, Unity and Respect, no more and no less.






#NeverlandManilaSepanx- 5 Things We Loved About Neverland Manila 2014-32




4. The #OOTN’s and Eye Candy

Much like the fireworks and DJ sets at Neverland Manila, the sartorial situations that night were pretty much scene stealers in their own right. If the sea of high-waisted booty shorts, corsets and crop tops wasn’t enough to get your jaw dropping, maybe some head-to-toe dino costumes would, as we saw a number of guys braving the hot and sweaty impracticalities in these. If the girls went the skimpy rave route, it was sando galore for the guys, as you were guaranteed to spot a guy chilling in their neon/tribal print/statement sando’s flexing them biceps at every chance, at every turn.


#NeverlandManilaSepanx- 5 Things We Loved About Neverland Manila 2014-36




#NeverlandManilaSepanx- 5 Things We Loved About Neverland Manila 2014-35

Props on lasting until the morning!


5. The 12 Hours of Pure EDM Bliss

The thing about great parties is that they eventually come to an end. Neverland Manila presented an entirely different case though, with a mind-blowing 12-hour set filled with nonstop dancing and hypnotic mixes that had everyone on their toes from start to finish, definitely getting their fill of a legitimate rave! It was truly a partying experience unlike any other.




Neverland has definitely raised the bar and set the standard when it comes to raves in Manila, the WheninManila.com team was incredibly happy to have been part of this awesome event! See you next year, Dreamchasers!



#NeverlandManilaSepanx: 5 Things We Loved About Neverland Manila 2014



Article by: Alessi Likes It