Netizens Ridicule FIBA Player with Cleft Lip

Netizens Ridicule FIBA Player with Cleft Lip

Dario Saric, a FIBA basketball player from Croatia, is gaining popularity online unfortunately not due to his basketball prowess but due to his appearance.

Saric was born with cleft lip, and this is what’s causing a stir online. Purportedly, FIBA uploaded Saric’s photo on their Facebook Page where Filipino netizens started commenting and mocking his birth defect.

Bogart the Explorer posted this on Facebook.

Dario Saric Cleft Lip 

Our boys abroad are playing with all their heart and bringing our country a lot of honor. Let’s try to do the same, okay?  #LabanPilipinas

Note: Deleted the first pic and one of our guys erased the names that could be seen. Many hateful things were written towards the people who wrote nasty comments and that’s not the point of the post, we’d like to think. 

Instead of making nasty comments about others, just do good like the ALS challenge or something (don’t forget to donate!). 

For the sake of whoever made this:


(originally submitted to us)

Update: apparently these comments are on the FIBA page.

A Smart Gilas Fanpage posted this to express not condoning such behavior.

Dario Saric Cleft Lip - Gilas Pilipinas

Rough translation:

If you’re one of those Filipinos mocking Dario Saric for having a cleft palate, think about what you’re doing. If you behave that way, don’t cheer for Gilas (Pilipinas) please. Shame on you. -Carlos “Chuck” Araneta

Saric is a Philadelphia 76ers draftee and he leads the Croatian team in Group B of the basketball tourney. He averages 27.3 minutes, 13.7 points, 8.0 rebounds, and 3.0 assists per contest in three tournament games while shooting 51.7 percent from the field, reports say.

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Netizens Ridicule FIBA Player with Cleft Lip

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