Nature to Nurture: Washing Baby Bottles the Way Mommies Want It

“I’m a cleaning addict.”

It’s the kind of confession that doesn’t really need any intervention. In fact, new mom Jacqueline took it upon herself to do something NOT to stop this addiction; instead, she looked for a better way to develop it.

You see, Jacqueline is one of those moms who used to disinfect and bleach almost anything and everything around the house until she was convinced that they were spotless and germ-free. And then the baby came and before she knew it, she was advocating safe, all-natural, and chemical-free cleansers to make sure her baby’s health would not be compromised.

So, like the true mom-on-a-mission that she is, she went on a hunt for the perfect baby bottle wash in the market. Unfortunately, there weren’t a lot of choices (remember: she’s a self-confessed cleaning addict) that met her high standards, so she decided to develop one herself. And that’s how Nature to Nurture Baby Bottle and Dish Wash was born.


What makes this product special is that it doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, colorants or fragrances to achieve the kind of clean that it is made for. What it does have is a plant-based surfactant and baking soda, which makes it safe even when cleaning fruits and vegetables, toys, teethers, and other things that might find themselves in a baby’s mouth.

Nature to Nurture baby bottles

Another new mom, Carla, tried Nature to Nurture on her breast pump accessories and her baby Tino’s feeding bottles and nipples. “I like that it’s mabula (foamy) and doesn’t leave any strong odor,” she says. According to Jacqueline, this is because Nature to Nurture‘s natural ingredients effectively remove the greasy residues from breastmilk that cause odor and leave hazy film in the bottles and other breastfeeding implements.

Nature to Nurture nipples

Before: murky film left by breastmilk stays on the nipple. / After: clearer nipple washed with Nature to Nurture

“Since breastmilk is fatty, it can really stick to the feeding bottles and nipples. I have tried so many cleaning products before and most of the products for babies claim that they’re made from natural ingredients. I had tried an all-natural product before that still smelled strong and had a type of fragrance – like soap,” Carla adds. “What I love about Nature to Nurture is that it really smells clean.”

gesilvasWith her husband Fred, Carla stops at nothing to make sure Tino gets the best care.

Given Fred’s (husband) and my history of allergies, there are high chances that Tino will get an allergic reaction from strong products  so I’m careful about the kind of products that we use for him. Tino is now at a stage when he’s beginning to explore everything, putting everything he can hold to his mouth. You don’t know when he will catch bacteria from those things. So, really, we clean everything, not just his feeding bottles and teethers, but also his toys,” Carla affirms.

Obviously, doting mom Carla would never compromise her baby’s health and safety. Baby boy Tino, at 6 months, is already showing signs of character distinction that gives Mommy absolute joy.


I’m not a mom, but Nature to Nurture’s cleaning powers are encouraging, so I tried it in washing my own dishes. It does work wonders, especially on greasy pans, completely removing that slimy feel and smell of fatty food. Even better: it can easily be rinsed, and it only takes about three pumps from the dispenser to a liter of water to make a soapy solution. So yes, it’s also water-bill friendly and a grocery list saver.

Nature to Nurture breastpump

Mommy Jacqueline has a few more tips to share to all Mommies out there, especially the new ones. While Nature to Nurture can take care of the cleaning, we cannot assure the safety of the water we use in rinsing. Thus, sterilizing after washing is still necessary.

If you can’t find a product for baby that’s fragrance-free, at least look for ones that use essential oils rather than synthetic ones. The latter are derived from petroleum and natural gas (petrochemicals), and use preservatives that can cause cancer.

It can never be emphasized enough to always look out for warnings in labels, follow directions of usage, and read the list of ingredients. Who wants to use a cleaning product that doesn’t tell you what’s in it, anyway?

From Mommy Jacqueline’s nature to nurture her baby, mommy Carla has found a natural ally for her own baby Tino’s health and safety when it comes to cleaning essentials. You know what, though? Singles like me also dig this kind of naturally nurturing cleaning product. I bet stay-at-home dads will also find Nature to Nurture very handy.

Nature to Nurture

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