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WHEN IN MANILA, fine dining restaurants are mostly located at urbane areas like Makati, Quezon City, The Fort and more. Now, dining and feeling the exclusivity ambiance with a posh vibe is now within Quezon City’s neighborhood and in the middle of a residential area!

Myons French Mediterranean Cuisine and Cafe surprised me in more ways than one. From its location to the restaurant itself, Myons has proven to us that they offer more than anyone can expect. Surrounded with residential and commercial establishments, its location can be found in the middle of Mayon Street in Quezon City. For starters, I had a difficulty finding the place since I am not from the area. But upon reaching my destination, I was awestruck with the beautiful and elegant facade! An old rustic feel with a hint of romantic and artsy vibe, Myons is purely beautiful and wonderful.

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Warm greetings and service welcomed our entry. Plus points for this since I really love how courteous the staffs were. Myons interiors mystified the aura of a Parisian-meets-Mediterranean impression. The homey and classic design is just wonderful, giving everyone that exquisite feeling of a high end comfort that is within your reach. 

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Myons menu is a variation of French and Mediterranean dishes that promises a satisfaction like no other.

We were first offered with their signature drinks like the Fresh Fruit Smoothies | Php155. These juices are to die for since its really fresh! I really love how refreshing it is and it has fruit bits in it! Choose from their selection of watermelon, fresh grapes, cucumber, peach ginger and lychee. 

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To warm up and to officially start our full course dinner with Myons, their appetizing appetizers are sure-fire treat for all of us! All are just wonderful!

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Delectable and mouth-watering Chillean Mussel with Saffron Cream | Php360 just warmed me up with how I foresee Myons menu. Its pure delight upon first bite of the mussel, very flavorful and fresh. Combining it with their Beef  Roll with Romano Cheese and Roasted Bell Peppers | Php370.

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Cured Pork Tenderloin with Mashed Potato, Mango Cilantro Salsa and Pepper Jack Cheese | Php 360 is a cheesy and meaty combination with a tangy twist of the salsa just sure hits the spot. Yum!

Of course, a meal would not be complete without the soup. Their signature soup menu are all loved by the team because of its versatility of creamy, hearty, to thick to thin, spicy or to just simply mild. 

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(From L-R) Seafood Chowder| Php170, French Onion Soup| Php 180 and Shrimp Bisque| Php 190. These simmering soups let out a delightful aroma of spices with creamy and hearty satisfaction from your heart and of course, your tummy as well!

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Soup au Pistou| Php160 is similar to Italian minetrone soup which has the right combination of a tangy tomato flavor with herbs and spices.

Next to our meal set is their wonderful selection of their salads. 

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Fresh choice from their Mediterranean Salad with Baby Octopus| Php205 and Lollo Rosso Raspberry Lemon Vinaigrette with Raclete|Php170. Crunchy and tangy sauce are perfect combination with the fresh green salads.

After the refreshing salad course, we now dive into their pasta selection. 

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Seafood Saffron| Php505 and Ivanesca (Myons version of Puttanesca) | Php 280 are al dente and brimming with fine ingredients. Naturally they did not skimp on the ingredients. Very flavorful and saucy.

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Pasta con Marinara| Php405 and Pasta Arrabiata| Php 225 . The Marinara pasta is creamy and cheesy mixed with fresh seafood. Right spicy and zesty flavors will surprise you with their Arrabiata pasta, perfect for the spicy food adventurers!



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