My Rexona Adventure Run 2011 Result

When in Manila, have a healthy lifestyle by joining fun runs and marathons held almost every week! And for this week, Unilever and RunRio are proud to bring you The Rexona Adventure Run 2011!



The Rexona Run 2011 was held at the Mall of Asia, Pasay City. When we got there, we were thrilled to see the color orange overflowing the streets. By the time we arrived, the 10km and 21km runners had already started. While the 5km runners were already lined up at the starting line, excited for their turn (So were we!)

Gunstart was just minutes away. We could already feel the excitement around us as the 5km runners did their last minute stretches. As the clock hit 5:45, the race finally started. At first you can’t really “run-run” because of the crowding people. but as we ran further, the crowd also slowly dispersed!




There were marshalls at almost every corner, the water stations were also long and prepared for the crowd of drinkers. The route was okay since it was the usual route for runs held in MOA wherein runners would run from MOA toward Roxas Blvd. except it was kind of reversed around the usual. I personally enjoyed the run and finished with a good time!




After the run, we proceeded to the claiming of finisher’s kits. And i was amazed because they have really maximized the space. The venue was very spacious which prevented overcrowding, and gave the people more air to breathe! This for me made it a whole lot better than other running events. A small thing but a big impact! Thumbs up to the RunRio team


Besides the race kits, there were also A LOT of activities located at the MOA open grounds c/o Unilever!


Stunts like bungee jumping, free fall, zipline, zorbball, etc. were all present and ready to give runners and guests a taste of adventure! Sad thing is though that you have to fall in line for the registration and claiming of stubs.. then proceed to the other tent to fill out your stubs and drop them on the dropbox. There were so many people in line that we ended up going home instead. Though I do wish we could’ve tried these AWESOME adventures!




I wanted to claim the free Rexona kits, but then i was too scared to try all the stunts. (you get to have the kit if you have completed the 5 stunts) but overall, we had fun…I had fun. And besides, we were given a FREE POPSICLE ICE CREAM from SELECTA.. yum! haha Simple things make me happy you know!  Century Tuna, Close-Up, Merrell, and AmEx were also there to sponsor the event.


I asked my companion, Ms. Ellen Zabala how she found the run and this was what she said:


“As for conclusion, the Rexona Run was memorable for me because my running buddies Ivica, Anabelle and her husband, Alex were there racing alongside me, with the exception of  Cheryl Golangco of who hurdled her first 16k elsewhere. We exchanged looks and no words were really necessary. After crossing the finish line, I instinctively scanned the crowd for my friends. I’m sure Nurse Ivy finished ahead of me. Alex and I crossed the line at about the same time. Belle was also right behind. I’ve run alone before, but nothing beats running with friends. I guess it makes running more worthwhile and a whole lot more enjoyable. Even before the run was over, we’re already planning for our next fun run!”

Rexona Adventure Run02 Rexona Adventure Run04

Rexona Adventure Run12 Rexona Adventure Run11


When In Manila, get some exercise and register for your next run now!