My 3-day “So Easy” Natural Colon Cleansing Experience

When In Manila, stay fit and healthy by doing a colon cleanse at least once a year!

A couple of months ago, I was lucky enough to have attended a Life Camp seminar/workshop organized by Easy Pha-max. In the said seminar, all the secrets of our intestines were revealed! To know more about that though, you can check out my previous blog about it here:

The seminar really opened my eyes and got me curious. Is this true? Is my body that toxic? Do I need to cleanse as well? I guess I do. You see, even if we think we’re eating healthy, a lot of today’s foods are already filled with a variety if chemicals and harmful substances that cause colon problems and other health diseases. Unfortunately, even when we do our daily business, not all these toxins are released.

The colon cleansed is something that is recommended at least once a year, and a follow up maintenance program is also highly recommended. There are 3 types of programs, one is the 3-day program which would result in colon detox and weight loss; the 7-day program which results in colon and blood detox plus weight loss; and the 15-day program which results in colon and blood detox, cellular detox and weight loss.

At first, I was determined to do the 15-day program but had to switch to the 3-day program because my busy schedule just does not allow me to. So there I was rereading the guidelines of the program and oozing with confidence that this was going to be a piece of cake! or so I thought…



So Easy Colon Cleanse2

There are 3 boxes, 1 box for each day. They also come in chocolate and strawberry flavors! The flavoring though is really faint and you can barely taste it, but the scent is strong.





pre cleanse


The pre-cleansing phase takes 3 days. Basically, this is the preparation stage wherein you slowly  try to get use to eating less than usual. So for the first day I was only allowed to take in 800 calories, then 500 then 300. BOY WAS IT DIFFICULT! Being the food lover I am, I had to really control myself to eat more than the allowed number of calories. However, I must admit that I had to cheat every now and then because I really couldn’t resist the tender and juicy meat in front of me!


Cleansing phase




Next up is the 3 day cleansing phase. I thought it was easy during the first day. I just needed to lock myself up in my room to refrain from smelling any home cooked meals downstairs. So on the first day, that’s just what I did. Locked myself in my room and started drinking each of the prescribed low-carb drinks right on schedule. I missed food, but it wasn’t that difficult. Come day 2 though, I was just about ready to give up! I was literally crawling on the floor begging my fiance to give me some food! He on the other hand just stood there laughing at me! It was SOOOOO difficult! not kidding! And here I was thinking I could easily survive the 15-day cleansing phase!

I am not discouraging any of you to try the 15-day cleansing phase! In fact, I would bow down before you if you could do it or already did it.
But me…. I want to but my discipline sucks big time! So anyway, after surviving the 2nd day, I woke up the 3rd day feeling week as ever! I thought I was gonna get sick! I felt really dizzy and made several trips to the CR. I then checked my weight and found out I had already lost 6 pounds!!!

I honestly wanted to quit… I was determined to quit! But… after a few more hours, I realized this was the last day… so I should just suck it in! And I did just that!


Post Cleansing phase


post cleanse


This part is just as important as the others! In exercise, this is what we call the cool off stage. Many take it for granted since the difficult part is already over, but just like any exercise, the cooling off is actually one of the most important. In the post-cleanse phase, you slowly get your body used again to taking in solid food. If you skip this part and just suddenly go back to your normal diet, your body could easily reject the food and you’re in for a bad tummy ache!


Overall I’d say it was an experience worth experiencing… PLUS I DEFINITELY LOST A LOT OF WEIGHT! However, I don’t think I can do it again! (haha) Not because I don’t want to but because I just can’t resist the food! Still, if you can do it, GO FOR IT!


So Easy Colon Cleanse4 So Easy Colon Cleanse3


When in Manila, try out Easy Pha-max’s So Easy Colon Cleanse and lost fat the healthy way!