Mr. Jones in Greenbelt 5 – A Blast from the Past


When in Manila and you want to go retro, Mr. Jones in Greenbelt 5 offers the perfect ambiance matched by an awesome selection of food fit for the whole gang. 


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Perhaps, at the moment you walk in to Mr. Jones, you would already have a feeling that you belong, that you are home. I actually felt this way as I entered the retro space and the mere appearance of this diner is something I truly enjoyed. It’s not that I’m born in the 60’s (I’m wayyy younger, c’mon..) but it’s just that it strikes as something fun that gives a sense of something familiar.


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Mr. Jones is stylized to look like a 1960s diner with a backlit signage, earth-toned tiles, striking red booth seats, and that kind’a brown paneling that you will always notice on olden films. Though it is made to appear this way, it is neither kitschy nor silly. It does not try hard to impress retro fanatics but it appears natural and real as if you will be overhearing conversations from a young guy on the other booth telling his loved ones that he needs to join the army to end World War II.


Adding to its decor are games kids can play. And these games are not virtual or anything like the ones very popular today but these games reminded me of my childhood. Pick up sticks, dominoes, marbles… Oh and there are miniature foosballs as well.


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I also loved how their music matched the way Mr. Jones looked. Had there been a jukebox somewhere, there will be a lot of dancing, definitely.


Known for its mid-century American classics such as retro bar-grill burgers and smooth milkshakes, Mr. Jones also thrive on all-day breakfast sets that can load you up no matter what time of day you wake up or feel like having breakfast. And with the popularity of all-day breakfast restos today, Mr. Jones is quite the contender. When we visited Mr. Jones, they served us with a grand symphony of awesome day-starters even though we arrived there at an after-lunch-almost-afternoon-snack time.