All Day Breakfast? It’s Possible at the Early Bird Breakfast Club!

When in Manila and you are badly craving for breakfast food, there’s no way to go but here: Early Bird Breakfast Club at the Fort Strip.


Nestled in the bustling business district of Bonifacio Global City, the newly-opened Early Bird Breakfast Club offers breakfast goodness, all-day, everyday. Your favorite Filipino and Western European breakfast dishes are done gourmet-style: too beautifully crafted to be destroyed by a monstrous hunger.


During our visit, we met with Kendrick Co of the Early Bird Breakfast Club. When asked what was the reason behind the establishment of this amazing resto, he gingerly told us of how breakfast, the most important meal of the day, determines how great the next 24 hours would be. The inspiration for the resto came from his lovely wife, Ellen, also hands-on with the business as Managing Director. Together with 3 of their friends who love breakfast as well, Bianca Sevilla, and William and Dianne See, Early Bird Breakfast Club was born after a year of planning. Aside from catering to the young urbanites craving for a great day-starter, the restaurant recently opened for 24 hours to serve comfort food after some heavy late-night partying.


The writer with Kendrick Co and his lovely wife, Ellen.

The restaurant initially offered the Pinoy favorites, Adobo Sunrise (adobo flakes overload on rice) and Viva Longganisa (four sausages of pure lean meat goodness), and the all-time fave, The Early Bird Full English. They gradually offered more Pinoy staples such as the Tenderloin Tapa, Lemon Butter Bangus, and Arroz Caldo Crunch, among others. Craving for an appetizer instead?

Kendrick recommends either the Longganisa Crisp, breaded bits of their special longganisa preferably dunked in vinegar, or the Bacon Twist, baked lean bacon twists that can be dipped in maple syrup.

But we were really hungry so we skipped the appetizers and ordered some breakfast for champions: Tenderloin Tapa for my friend and Viva Logganisa for me.

When our orders arrived, our jaws dropped. The plating of our orders were too…aesthetically pleasing! We can’t help but eat with gusto.

Our Tenderloin Tapa came with a sunny side up egg (since you can choose how they will cook your eggs). The meat was tender and had that right amount of sweetness, not too overwhelming nor sickeningly sweet. One can dip the slices in vinegar to offset the sweet taste or just to tickle your taste buds.

The beef was tender and juicy but I prefer my tapa slightly burnt around the edges.



Peek-a-boo! See the beef peeking under that succulent sunny side up egg? There’s more of that!

Just like the Tenderloin Tapa, our Viva Longganisa came with a sunny side up egg. The good thing about this egg was that the yolk still had that runny consistency when you break it. Just the way I like it! The meal came with 4 longganisa, which, I think, was good enough to share with someone who has a small appetite. Their longganisa was meaty and had that sweet, juicy taste, characteristic of the Pinoy palate. I missed the bits of fat usual in the longganisa since the restaurant only uses lean meat as their ingredient.


Teasing from another tasty treat. Four lean logganisa, all mine! Well, it can be shared with another but I’m reluctant. 

As a sweet ending to our belly-busting meals, we ordered the French Fondue: French toast bread sticks that can be dipped in cinnamon sugar, maple syrup, and melted chocolate. What’s so cute about the dessert setup is that the dips are served in eggshells!

I squealed with delight! The French Fondue was great with coffee so we ordered a cup of cappuccino and a hazelnut latte. Mucho gusto!


It was indeed a sweet ending. Voila, le French Fondue! (Is that how they say it in French? So chi-chi!)

Aside from the comfort that came with breakfast food, the bright and colorful interiors of the place contributed to the warm and cozy ambience of the resto. This is an ideal place to have a laid-back and relaxing breakfast…any time of the day.


The interiors are bright and sunny, not to mention colorful, making you want to stay longer….and possibly live there.  

So, when in Manila and you’ve got a serious hankering for some great breakfast, head over to the Early Bird Breakfast Club at the Fort Strip for a hearty and heavy meal.

Early Bird Breakfast Club

Unit C Ground Floor Fort Pointe 2 Building

28th Street, The Fort Complex

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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All Day Breakfast? It’s Possible at the Early Bird Breakfast Club!