MORE than Just a Yoga Studio: 5 Reasons why L!FE Yoga ain’t Your Ordinary Yoga Center!


When in Manila and been meaning to try out yoga, now’s the best time to do so! One of the newest and freshest yoga studio concepts in Manila, L!FE Yoga at BGC, will help any beginner transition into the practice with much ease. More than just a yoga studio, L!FE Yoga aims to make your practice a holistic experience.





I’ve never seen a yoga studio concept like L!FE Yoga’s here in the metro. It is the FIRST one-stop wellness hub that brings together yoga, music, art and food – aspects that are in many ways closely related to each other. Itching to know more? We’ve just witnessed L!FE Yoga’s grand launch, and we’re giving you five great reasons why L!FE Yoga is not your ordinary yoga studio!




Vibe Cafe

L!FE Yoga is the first of its kind to have an adjoining organic café. Vibe Café, located right inside the yoga studio, offers whole foods, salads, snacks and fresh juices from Sprout and Fruit Magic. Genius idea here, because part and parcel of a successful yoga practice includes taking what you eat into consideration.



It’s Beginner-Friendly!

My encounters with some yoga studios are quite intimidating. At some classes I’ve even felt shamed for making the mistake of taking a class that was “too advanced” for me, or experienced some hotheaded instructor who couldn’t deal with my lack of flexibility. That isn’t the case with L!FE Yoga at all! Its aim is to make the practice approachable for everyone. Almost all classes can be tailored to suit beginners, and the instructors I’ve had during my classes are all super nice and accommodating.




It’s Perfect for the On-the-Go Yogi!

L!FE Yoga studio has got all the basics covered for those fast-paced yuppies who have barely but a few hours in their busy schedule to devote to yoga. Sanitized yoga mats and paraphernalia are readily available, which is so convenient for people like me who rush from yoga class to work! They also have hot and cold showers, locker rooms, and a blowdryer (again, a huge convenience ahh!) available. It’s the basic necessities such as these that matter the most!




L!FE Yoga is All about Art

I love that L!FE has incorporated art into their studio, as the practice is basically an art form in itself, and has unceasingly inspired works of art through the centuries. The studio’s walls are adorned with beautiful murals, and various paintings and sketches hang about the studio for sale. L!FE also puts together art installations and even trunk shows in their studio. Heck, even the view you encounter at every class is a work of art.



Lots of Events to Look Forward to!

L!FE Yoga is BIG with their events. Since opening early in July this year, L!FE has organized a number of fun yoga events for beginners and seasoned yogis and yoginis alike. Activities such as outdoor yoga, introductory Vinyasa classes, and their upcoming Yoga Pool Party this October 11 are perfect for newbies who’d like to meet friends and broaden their skills range and flexibility. They’ve even recently concluded a music workshop with international DJ Taz Rajid, that taught yoga teachers and DJ’s how to make the perfect yoga playlist for their practice!



You see, there’s more to yoga than a series of poses, meditation and mindful breathing, it is actually a multi-faceted lifestyle. That being said, it will take more than just a yoga studio to make for a personally fulfilling practice. L!FE Yoga is where all these and more come together.




Life Yoga Center, BGC

2nd Flood, Eight Forbestown Road, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

For rates and schedules, visit their website at: https://www.lifeyogacenter.com/

For updates on events, like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LiFEyogafoodmusic

MORE than Just a Yoga Studio: 5 Reasons why L!FE Yoga ain’t Your Ordinary Yoga Center!