MMFF 2015 Winner of Major Technical Awards, “Nilalang” is a Compelling Movie Experience to Enjoy

Nilalang, the Cesar Montano-Maria Ozawa suspense thriller, is the second most awarded film at the currently-running Metro Manila Film Fest 2015, reaping all FIVE major technical awards: Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Visual Effects, Best Festival Sound, and Best Musical Score.

Catch Nilalang at Gateway, Megamall and Robinson’s Galleria if you want a movie experience like not other. Of course, more screens will definitely bring this movie to more movie buffs…. and we’re keeping our fingers crossed we’ll be seeing Nilalang in more theaters as Janaury 2016 now rolls in. Keep updated through Nilalang’s Facebook page for updated theater listings: @Nilalang – Entity.

In the meantime, what makes Nilalang a festival-worthy entry? Nilalang is this year’s the Best Visual Effects awardee. And since visuals are best seen, not read, here is a sampling. Watch through this link:

“Here’s a VFX clip from the movie done by Welovepost, Inc VFX team who worked tirelessly for months just to create some of the visual effects you will see on the film.”

— Perding Lopez on Facebook.

Nothing will beat watching the entire movie to appreciate its cinematic glory, but if you are wondering how Nilalang beat all other entries for the Best Cinematography honor, here’s the full trailer to show you exactly why:

And finally, what’s a movie without a rocking soundtrack? Nilalang took home the Best Musical Score prize what with no less than ten bands playing the widest array of rock music – from classic to modern, glam, rock and heavy, and everything in between.

There’s still time. Support quality Filipino-made films, and catch Nilalang in cinemas.

 Have you seen Nilalang? What do you think of the movie? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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