Milk Tea with Unlimited Sinkers? Taiwanese Chicken? These are our 2 Favorite Snacks Right Now!

Written by Nicole Villaluz and Vivien Del Valle

Just like you, we’re always on the lookout for new foods to try. And not just any food—good, delicious food! Here are two snack places that we’re really loving right now: Oh My Chicken in Manila that serves traditional deep-fried Taiwanese snacks and drinks and Make Your Own Cafe who prides themselves in their specialty sinkers, which you can have in unlimited doses if you get their classic milk tea!

And, it’s also a plus point that Oh My Chicken and Make Your Own Cafe are both very budget-friendly so anyone, from students, to yuppies, to moms and dads can enjoy their offerings anytime without the guilt of spending.

Check out what they have below!

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Taiwanese chicken from Oh My Chicken

Specializing in Taiwanese snacks, Oh My Chicken brings to Manila traditional Taiwanese street food like Chicken Steak and Chicken Popcorn, along with more deep-fried goodness with their Oh My Chicken Leg, Oh My Chicken Wing, and the spicy honey flavored Crispy Fresh Squid, plus of course, delicious drinks.

Oh My Chicken 16Oh My Chicken Wing

Oh My Chicken 30Crispy Fresh Squid

The Oh My Chicken Steak and Oh My Chicken Popcorn, however, are the flagship products of the store and are also the certified crowd-favorites. These deep-fried store specialties whose recipes are traditionally Taiwanese are cooked to be golden crispy on the outside, but sinfully juicy in the inside.

Oh My Chicken 40 1Oh My Chicken Steak

Oh My Chicken 19 1Oh My Chicken Popcorn

And, of course, can it be a Taiwanese snack place if there’s no milk tea? Taiwan, after all, is the birthplace of everyone’s favorite boba tea or most commonly known as milk tea. Oh My Chicken offers an irresistible Black Sugar Series—get to choose between an option of Black Sugar Milk Tea and, for classic green tea lovers, the Black Sugar Green Milk Tea, which is made from fresh tea leaves that come all the way from Taiwan.

Oh My Chicken 1Oh My Chicken Black Sugar Milk Tea

They also offer a Fresh Milk Series in Black Sugar, Strawberry, and Matcha flavors, as well as a Fruit Tea Series, and a Mango Series.

Oh My Chicken 129Mango Sunshine Drinks

But here’s the best part. With all these flavorful offerings, Oh My Chicken keeps their items accessible for everyone by keeping their prices super affordable. You’ll be surprised (but glad) to know that nothing in their menu goes beyond P148, with their Milk Teas only costing P88 for a regular size, and P98 for large. The Oh My Chicken Steak, which also comes in two sizes, starts at only P78 for regular, while the Oh My Chicken Popcorn starts at P88.

Visit Oh My Chicken at:
Food Hub, Alvarado street, Manila (in front of Chang Kai Shek College Gate 3)

Milk tea with unlimited sinkers from Make Your Own Cafe

Being one of the first in the country to offer unli-sinkers in their drinks, Make Your Own Cafe is the perfect place for the people who love chewing on sinkers and savoring the actual milk tea. You read that right, you can get your choice of unlimited sinkers in your drink at this newly-opened cafe!

make your own cafe 2

For only an additional price of PHP 20, you can choose from the eight different sinkers that Make Your Own Cafe (or MYO) has to offer. You can either choose to fill up your cup with just one type of sinker, or you can choose to get a little bit of everything. The freedom is yours! Just a tip, try their original (and handmade!) boba pearls–it’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. It’s soft, chewy, and best of all is there are no preservatives or coloring!

make your own cafe 4

MYO offers a huge variety of drinks: from the classic milk teas, fruit teas, frappes, lattes, and their original artisanal soda. You might just find your newest favorite drink here!

make your own cafe 6

But what are good drinks without amazing food to pair it with? MYO also serves delicious snacks that will go best with your choice of beverage. Their original recipes of chicken pops, quesadillas, nachos, and fries will surely get your appetite going.

make your own cafe 12

If you’re in the mood for something a bit sweeter, you can opt to try one of their tasty cakes and pastries.

make your own cafe 10

MYO is still currently in the process of expanding its menu; adding new food items such as pasta and rice meals.

This cafe definitely isn’t just a place to get your milk tea fix–they offer the full dining experience!

make your own cafe 8

Visit Make Your Own Cafe at the following locations:

233 Mayon St., Quezon City
104 Maginhawa St., Diliman, Quezon City

Open daily from 6 AM – 12 MN

For franchising and event inquiries, contact 0917-677-9696

Which of these snack items you can’t wait to try? Tell us in the comments!