5 Desserts from Around the World You Can Try Right Here in Manila

Written by: Nicole Villaluz and Vivien del Valle

Filipinos don’t just like food, we’re also quite adventurous with it. We sure like exploring and trying different cuisines! And if you’re a sweet-tooth, well, that probably means you’ll love to try different desserts from different cultures, too. The good thing is, you don’t need to hop on a plane just to get a taste of sweet treats from around the globe…you can try many of them without having to leave the Philippines!

Whether it’s the famous soft cakes of Japan, Korea’s version of halo-halo, or an updated version of a favorite Filipino childhood dessert, travel around the globe with just your fork and palate with these desserts from around the world that you can try right here in Manila.

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Here are some of our favorites!

1. The delectable Japanese cakes of Fujinoya


No one does art and precision like the Japanese, and it is this same passion and discipline that the founders of Japanese cafe and cake shop Fujinoya have applied to creating their food. Fujinoya’s long history in the business will speak for the quality of their cakes; founded back in 1950, they combined the taste of the western palate with only the most natural Japanese ingredients and techniques. They still do, until now. They have carried the same values since coming to the Philippines in 2014.

fujinoya cheesecake 1Fujinoya’s famous cheesecake

Since then, Filipinos have come to love Fujinoya and their selection of high-quality cakes. They take pride in doing everything by hand; and their ingredients are sourced directly from Japan for a more traditional taste. Their best-seller? You should try the crowd-favorite Japanese Cheesecake—soft and delectable, with the perfect fluffy and moist texture that leaves enough room in your mouth for you to crave some more.

Where to find them:
Robinson’s Cyberscape, Ortigas

2. These yummy ice cream sandwiches from Dough Creamery

dough creamery 3

Delicious, creamy soft-serve ice cream served in a tasty, toasty bun. Dough Creamery has captured our taste buds, and not just because of the treats, but the idea behind this very Pinoy dessert. Imagine this: your childhood memories of playing on the streets in the afternoon, and stopping the “mamang sorbetero” for a joyful scoop of ice cream that our lolas taught us to eat with pandesal – this is the concept that brought Dough Creamery to life. They want not only the taste of a good meryenda for their customers, but the sweet taste of nostalgia, too.

dough creamery cover 2From left to right: Dough Creamery soft-serve ice cream in the Spindle, Ice Dog, and Waffle Pop

There are three ways to have your Dough Creamery—in a bread cone (Spindle), in a sandwich (Ice Dog), or on a waffle (Waffle Pop). But, the bread alone is already super tasty, as it is toasty and golden brown on the outside, yet soft in the inside. To make this nostalgic snack even more special, you can top if off with a choice of glaze, varying from Chocolate to Caramel Apple and more. Prices start at an affordable P79.

Where to find them:
2nd floor, North Tower, SM North Edsa, Quzeon City

3. The honest-to-goodness Taiwanese and Thai milk tea from Oh My Tea

omt 5 e1553751843915The Thai Series from Oh My Tea

With the milk tea craze taking over the world by storm, you must have wondered at one point, what does a legit milk tea from Taiwan or Thailand tastes like? But before you book a flight, you should know that we found a traditional Thai and Taiwanese milk tea right in Maginhawa, Quezon City!

Oh My Tea (or OMT) takes pride in their ingredients that are all imported from Taiwan and Thailand. Aside from that, the owners also took various classes internationally so that even the process is legit. But the great thing about OMT is that they don’t stop with just imitating the milk tea recipes from Thailand and Taiwan. They also create their own concoctions with real fruit juices and real tea.

omt 3 e1553751985836The Golden Sugar Series

Our tip? If you want to enjoy the richness of Thai milk tea, try OMT’s Thai series. But if you’ve got a sweet tooth, order their Golden Sugar Series (prices start at PHP 115) which is their take on the viral brown sugar drink.

Where to find them:
111 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village East, Diliman, Quezon City
G/F Robinsons Place Jaro, Iloilo City
2/F Food Choices, Ayala Malls Marikina Heights
*soon to open in Lipa, Batangas and other parts of Metro Manila

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