MiLi Pure and iData: Cute and Cutting Edge Agents of Powering Mobility

Mobile power bank, lightning cable, and iPhone case provider MiLi takes generations of reliable products to the next level, literally and figuratively. This 2015, they are surprising their followers with a unique and beautiful twist. Previously, MiLi is known for going the extra mile at every turn; from providing the very first power case for the iPhone 3G to having the first multi-adaptor power bank for smartphones, MiLi’s latest offerings are unsurprisingly on every savvy tech fan’s radar.

MiLi's Next Generation Products for Powering Mobility

Photo from MiLi Philippines

Their latest press event this 2015 revealed the brand’s latest leap towards the future: they are headed towards the direction of creating relevant wellness apps and devices to supplement the trusty iPhone 5 series onwards.

To jumpstart this broadened horizon for their loyal customers, they are launching the MiLi iData and the MiLi Pure. They will continue to provide the old products that they have been famous for, and gain potential for so much more in the direction of wellness and convenience.

The iData owns up to a very intelligent file management style that will eliminate any need to delete items in the rush of photo or video taking. The slim, pocket-sized storage device for the iPhone is available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB variants and will be available this June 2015. The corresponding iData application is readily downloadable at the iOs app store.

MiLi iData for iPhone

Similarly, MiLi Pure possesses an equally intriguing partner app interface. The item has a genuine Cerulean blue Swarovski crystal in the middle and serves as a portable skin moisture detector. Five seconds of contact on the four most frequently exposed body parts (eyes, entire face, hands, and neck) will be transmitted via Bluetooth towards the iPhone app. It provides beauty-conscious iPhone users with the ability to have analytics of their skin moisture levels, even being able to compare what their skin looks like before and after applying lotion. It is potentially useful for makeup artists and other aficionados of the skin industry.

MiLi Pure

MiLi Pure for Skin Moisture

MiLi products are available in over 150 countries since it has been established by Shenzhen Hali-Power, and became the first Apple licensee manufacturer in China. For the Philippines, Waido, Inc. is their exclusive distributor.


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