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There’s a podcast just for the die-hard Filipino Marvel fans: the Marvel Zombies Podcast! The Marvel Zombies Podcast talks about anything and everything about the Marvel Universe. The podcast’s usual hosts are Rick Olivares, Earl Maghirang, Jiggy Cruz, and Gerard Poa. Tony Tuason and Jeff Canoy also join the main group from time to time to complete their ‘Sinister Six’ lineup. The Marvel Zombies Podcast released its first episode on January 31, 2015 and they have been churning out a lot of Marvel-related goodness ever since.

Marvel Zombies PodcastMeet the Hosts: Gerard, Jiggy, Earl and Rick

A few weeks ago, we managed to get an interview with Jiggy, Gerard and Earl. The trio talked to us on a couple of topics such as how they got to become a certified Marvel Fan, podcasting and other Marvel stuff. Here’s what went down:

When did you guys decide to make the Marvel Zombies Podcast? Was the idea of an all Marvel related podcast been in the works for years or was it just a spur of the moment kind of thing?


Jiggy: Rick called me early 2015 and asked if I was interested to do a 100% Marvel Podcast. I said yes in a heartbeat. Rick wanted me to recruit guys so I had some guys mind and I also posted it on Facebook. We now have a small core group of guys who read Marvel and are very well educated the Marvel way.

Gerard: The idea for the podcast was a spur of the moment thing. On his FB page, Jiggy was asking if there were any Marvel fanboys out there who wanted to participate in a special project. I quickly grabbed the opportunity to be part of this labor of love.

Earl: It was a couple of months ago when Jiggy and Rick contacted me to do the podcast. I think they already had a plan which stemmed from their Level 7 podcast and they really wanted to go and have a podcast that will just delve into anything and everything Marvel.


I recall that you guys mentioned a certain podcast in episode one and I’d like to know if any of you guys are also part of any other Filipino made podcasts in the internet. If so, which ones?


Jiggy: Rick and I were part of Level 7 together with Ed Bugia. It was a geek podcast. The Level 7 was in reference to Agents of SHIELD.

Gerard: Marvel Zombies Philippines is my very first and only podcast for now 

Earl: I’m a freshman when it comes to doing podcasts so aside from doing the Marvel Zombies Philippines Podcast I’m also spearheading the What’s a Geek podcast.


The podcast obviously talks anything about the Marvel Universe so here’s our obvious first question, what got you hooked and made you a fan of Marvel?


Jiggy: Personally, Marvel has a lot of characters wherein you can relate more. Plus the stories are set in real locations and not some fictional city. My grandmother gave me a Spider-Man toy one Christmas. I think it was back in 1988. From then on, I loved Spidey and Marvel.

Gerard: Growing up, I was exposed to various Marvel cartoons such as Spider-Man & his Amazing Friends, The Incredible Hulk and much more. The characters fascinated me because they were not your typical goody-two-shoes type of superheroes like those from the Distinguished Competition. My fascination for these characters eventually drove me to a local comic book shop. I have been collecting and reading comics for around 25 years now.

Earl: I grew up voraciously reading and when I got my hands on the X-Men books as well as getting exposed to the 90’s X-Men animated series I just had to expand my horizons. That was it for me that was when I thought I’ll be a Marvel zombie for life.


Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Which comic books are you currently following? Marvel Comics or otherwise.


Jiggy: Secret Wars, the Secret Wars tie-ins, Howard The Duck, Spider-Gwen just to name a few.

Gerard: I am an avid X-men fan, so I follow most of the X-titles such as Uncanny X-Men and All New X-Men. I am currently also reading Secret Wars and a lot of its tie-ins like Old Man Logan.

Earl: Mostly Marvel. It’s really a good time to be a Marvel fan as for me I’m reading titles related to the Secret Wars title. A-Force, Old Man Logan, X-Men. But for the regular continuity (or at least before they decided to blow u the Marvel Universe) I was reading: Amazing Spider-Man, Uncanny X-Men, Amazing X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy…And the list goes on and on.


What are your favorite Marvel titles of all time?


Jiggy: Ultimate Spider-Man and New Avengers by Bendis, Astonishing X-Men by Whedon and Cassaday, Immortal Iron Fist by Fraction, Brubaker and Aja.

Gerard: My all time favorite would have to be X-Men. It featured some of the best creators ever in comics like Chris Claremont, John Byrne, Paul Smith, Jim Lee, Matt Fraction, Grant Morrison and Joss Whedon. I am also a big fan of Remender’s Uncanny X-Force. Outside of the X-titles, I have a special place in my heart for the original run of Thunderbolts by Busiek & Bagley.

Earl: It has to be Amazing Spider-Man. That title’s been around for as long as we can remember and that’s worth being a favorite.


What’s your respective takes on the current Marvel event entitled ‘Secret Wars’? Any fearless forecasts as to how the event will boil down?


Jiggy: The Inhumans will take over. No more Mutants and Fantastic Four. There will be a lot of Spider People and count on Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel to make an impact.

Gerard: I think we are headed for a final epic battle between Reed and Doom. When the dust settles, there will only be one left standing. And I’m kinda hoping it’s Doom. Also looking forward to how reality will be set right once again at the end of the series and how some of the characters like Miles & Old Man Logan will be incorporated into the main continuity.

Earl: We’ll come up with a ‘fresher’ Marvel universe and it’s going to be unpredictable. Also I would really if Doom gets a newfound amount of respect, the dude got a bad card with the Josh Trank Fantastic Four.


Marvel Zombies PodcastThe Marvel Zombie Podcast Hosts and friends at the 2015 Toycon PH Panel

As with any podcasts out there, there are a LOT of technical and logistical issues. How have you guys overcome such obstacles? Any specific equipment/s do you guys usually use for recording?


Jiggy: Haha. We’re low budget. We just record in a house wherein it’s quiet. We just use garageband on a Mac.

Gerard: I think we’re lucky that we have a default private spot that we can record at. The biggest challenge for us though would be finding a common schedule when we could record. We all have very busy schedules, and sometimes it’s really hard to match schedules.

Earl: There have been instances where they’ve recorded in other places but most of the time we record in Mr. Jiggy Cruz’s place. Our recording equipment would just be the laptops.


Do you have any advice on any aspiring podcasters in the country?


Jiggy: We just do this for fun and our genuine love for Marvel! Just do it and talk about what you love.

Gerard: My advice would be to find what your passion is and run with it. Talking about what you love allows you to have a very organic, free-flowing and fun discussion.

Earl: Just do it and get it out. Plan out things thoroughly and consider timeliness of the topics.


Marvel Zombies Podcast


With a lot of Marvel (the upcoming Deadpool Movie, Captain America: Civil War, etc) and Marvel-related stuff (like say, the Asia Pop Comic Con?) coming out in the next few years, you can be sure that the Marvel Zombies Podcast will be there to talk about them. We would like to thank the hosts of the Marvel Zombies Podcast for the interview and we wish them more power.

You can check out their episodes on their FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/marvelzombiesphilippines