Adventure Time’s Voice Actor Jeremy Shada is Coming to Manila for the Asia Pop Comic Con 2015


When in Manila, you guys are probably more than familiar of the animated TV show, ‘Adventure Time‘. The show revolves on bestfriends Finn the Human and Jake the dog as they go through magical adventures at the Land of Ooo. Adventure Time fans, raise your hands please! 😀

And being fans of the show, we immediately grabbed the chance to chat with Jeremy Shada, the voice behind Finn the Human as he will be visiting Manila on September for the Asia Pop Comic Con 2015.

And without further ado, here’s our interview with Jeremy Shada:

On his upcoming visit to the PH

What are you looking forward to as to your visit here in the Philippines?
A: Well definitely I was informed that in Manila, Adventure Time is really a huge phantom operation that people are super avid so I’m really excited looking for everybody out there. And that you are the sweetest people and also the culture you guys have out there.

Is there any particular food that you are excited to try?
A: There is this one food I can’t even pronounce. You guys have this food that sounds like a barbeque, pork? Because it’s really kinda awesome. I am really looking forward to any fan who would be bringing food. I’d really love to try them.

We promised that we’ll bring him some on his visit here — balut, perhaps? We’ll do our best to make Jason Momoa try it too!

In what ways are you and Finn alike?
A: I and Finn are alike in the sense that we are both awful in Math. It’s pretty ironic considering that he’s name is actually Mathematical. Finn is also a pretty pretty happy go lucky guy and he likes having a good time and definitely I like playing video games like him.

Since Finn is growing up already and that he is officially 16 in the cartoons, what do you think is in store for his future since he can’t just go on adventures or do you think there is more interesting storyline for him?
A: Definitely, I think it’s a mixture of both things it’s really difficult to actually go on crazy and fun adventures but it’s actually cool whether he will be in relationships or concur more responsibilities. Pretty good thing too, is having a back story about meeting his father. It’s awesome being a part of a show where the character actually does a lot. There are really a lot of very very cool stuff coming out.

If ever you would like to lend your voice to, to who would that be or is there any character that you wish you could have lend your voice to?
A: I’m gonna go with Ferb in Phineas and Ferb.. coz it’s pretty fun. The thought of talking in a British accent could have been really fun.

What’s in store for you in the Future or do you have any other projects going on aside from the Adventure Time and of course your band?
A: Yah I’m a bit little busy with my band and the Adventure Time we also have our 8th season of the Adventure Time and the movie that could be really cool. I’ll be making an animated Dreamworks network show.

What other fandom are you into?
A: Anything like, I just love Star Wars, or anything superheroes.. to any extent I watch all them. I love all those stuff.

If given the chance to voice a superhero who would that be?
A: Batman. Definitely Batman.

Jeremy Shada’s band, Make Out Monday will also be performing at the APCC.

Let’s talk about Make Out Monday, what’s in store for the band?
A: We will be coming to the Philippines in September.. we’re having a concert and I’ll have some T-shirts there and stuff like that. We are working on our first album. Our latest music is actually up on my Spotify. We also have a couple of music videos on our YouTube Channel.

What are your expectations for the upcoming Asia Pop Comic Con?
A: I’m expecting a lot of awesome fans coming out with a super good time and people taking selfies.

And lastly, who is your favorite Adventure Time character and why?
A: Besides Finn, I love the Ice King. He’s really funny at the beginning of the show the villain of the show now a weird roommate.


Check out this audio recording of Jeremy (as Finn) inviting you guys to the Asia Pop Comic Con!

Finn and Jeremy Shada is <3Catch Jeremy Shada at the Asiapop Comicon Manila on September! See you there! 😀

Posted by Mimai Cabugnason on Thursday, July 23, 2015

And with that, we are more than excited to meet Jeremy and his band on September at the APCC! We’re pretty sure it’s gonna me awesome and mathematical! 😉



Asia Pop Comic Con 2015

September 17-20, 2015

World Trade Center Metro Manila