Manila Wrestling Federation’s Noche Buena Event Was a Holiday Hit

Ho Ho Lun

MWF Noche Buena was the year-end event of the Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF) and it proved to be a holiday hit thanks to some special guests, surprise appearances, and some good ol’ wrestling action! All four men jockey for position

Aldrin goes for the Rose Goddess Killer

Aldrin Richards vs. Frankie Thurteen vs. Hanzello Shivla vs. Morgan Vaughn

This match featured four of MWF’s hot young stars. The action was intense from the start to finish which featured amazing double team moves from the triple powerbomb on Hanzello to Frankie and Aldrin’s assisted piledriver maneuver on Morgan Vaughn.  Aldrin Richards tried to get the victory after he hit the Rose Goddess Killer on Frankie. Vaughn, however, won after he rolled up Aldrin Richards for the pin.

Brother Jomar!

PWR’s John Sebastian inside the MCS ring!

John Sebastian vs. Brother Jomar Liwanag

Before the match, Brother Jomar explained the absence of his fellow preacher Moises Liwanag. Moments later, PWR’s John Sebastian came to ringside and told everyone that, “anywhere there’s a ring with Filipinos wrestling in it, YOU are worshiping at my altar!”

Jomar uses his ‘powers’ vs. Sebastian

Sebastian has Jomar in his grasps

Sebastian made his return to the MCS ring since PWR Renaissance 2015. Jomar held his own in the match, giving the former PWR champion a good fight. John Sebastian eventually overpowered the rookie and scored a victory with the killshot.

Gigz w/ the Asintado Sharpshooter

Fabio tries to finish things off

Fabio Makisig vs. Gigz Stryker

It was a battle between former friends turned enemies as Fabio took on Gigz in this very athletic contest. Fabio used his hard hitting offense to keep Gigz grounded initially. Stryker fought back and locked in his asintado sharpshooter. Fabio converted the move into a bridging back suplex, but Gigz kicked out at two. Gigz connected with his Kalibre 3:16 stunner and an enzugiri, but Fabio broke the pin at 2. A video package that highlighted their friendship started to play at the screen. The two broke down momentarily and hugged each other…only for Fabio to sucker punch Gigz. Fabio hit a standing shooting star press on Gigz before he got the win with the Primera Klasika Sipa!

Ryujin leaps over Lawin

Lawin traps Ninja!

Ninja Ryujin vs. Rex Lawin

MWF’s resident ninja made a return against Rex Lawin in a match that was made back at MWF Road to Fate. Lawin seemed impervious to the Ryujin’s kicks and made the ninja pay for it.

The crowd was behind MWF’s Most Dangerous with thunderous chants of “Rex” and the pitched “Lawin” filling up the MCS Arena. Ryujin got to take Rex down with some dropkicks and spinkicks but in the end it was all for naught. Rex Lawin won after he knocked out Ryujin with a chokehold.

TNT and Conan enter the ring

TNT points at Lawin and company

TNT, Dynamite!

Australian Pro Wrestler “TNT” Greg Bownds got in the ring moments later and told Lawin that he was a disgrace to Philippine wrestling for continuing his assault on Ryujin after the match. TNT challenged Lawin to a match next year with TNT’s Australian Wrestling Federation (AWF) Dual Championships (the Australian and Commonwealth titles respectively) on the line.

Ashura traps Kyle in a leg lock

Mr. Lucha and Kyle

Ashura vs. Kyle Sison

Mr. Lucha tested the new wrestler Kyle Sison and gave him a match against the returning Ashura. It was an evenly fought match that mostly displayed the mat technique of both competitors as they tried to out-wrestle the other. Ashura got her first MWF victory after he pinned Sison with an electric chair drop into a bridge position.

Both men shake hands

Sane dives to the outside

International Showcase: Ho Ho Lun vs. Robin Sane

The main event featured the father of Hong Kong pro wrestling and former WWE talent Ho Ho Lun taking on MWF Pioneer Robin Sane. Ho Ho Lun delivered a hard dropkick before the bell rang. Robin Sane fired back and sent Ho Ho outside. Sane landed a beautiful dive off the ropes on Ho Ho Lun. Ho Ho Lun grabbed Robin Sane and tossed him towards a row of chairs at the audience area. After the brief scuffle outside, they returned to the ring with Ho Ho delivering some hard charging forearm smashes on Robin Sane at the two ring corners.

Robin Sane is about to go for the 450 splash

Ho Ho Lun with a bridging suplex on Sane

Sane rallied back with an impressive hurracanrana on his opponent. Sane followed up with a Michinoku Driver before he went up the top for a 450 splash. Sane landed his 450 splash on the knees of Ho Ho Lun, who was anticipating the maneuver. Ho Ho Lun delivered two German Suplexes on Sane, but the latter kicked out both times. It was the third suplex that sealed Robin Sane’s fate and gave Ho Ho Lun the victory. After the match, both men shook hands once more and thanked the fans for attending MWF’s year-end event.

Ho Ho Lun and Sane after the match

MWF Noche Buena was truly a hit for the Holiday Season. We had exciting action, an inter-promotional match of sorts, the very first match to feature a former WWE talent taking on a local talent, and many more. We would like to thank the MWF for inviting us to bear witness their year end spectacular.

Photos by: Jonathan Guillermo and Martin Vicencio

MWF Noche Buena Quick Results

  1. Morgan Vaughn d. Frankie Thurteen, Aldrin Richards, and Hanzello Shilva via pinfall
  2. John Sebastian d. Bro. Jomar Liwanag via pinfall
  3. Fabio Makisig d. Gigz Stryker via pinfall
  4. Rex Lawin d. Ninja Ryujin via submission
  5. Ashura d. Kyle Sison via pinfall
  6. Ho Ho Lun d. Robin Sane via pinfall

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