Manila Traffic Apocalypse Survival Guide: Worst Traffic Day of the Year

Manila Traffic Apocalypse Survival Guide: Worst Traffic Day of the Year


One of the most consistently talked about things since I’ve been here (5 years now) has been the traffic in Metro Manila. Some how even the people who deal with it every day (Taxi drivers, bus drivers, and motorists) seem to still be surprised at the amount of traffic in and around Metro Manila.

On any given working day in Makati City, for example, swells to over 4 million people (from 500,000 residences), and the surrounding cities are no different. This holiday season is stacking up to be one of the worst traffic situations yet.

You may have noticed over the last month, each working week gets more congested the closer to Friday it gets. A colleague of mine where I work at a digital marketing company in Makati, sat on EDSA for 3 hours yesterday, and it wasn’t even rush hour. But we all have our traffic horror stories, right?

Well now it’s official. Philstar reported that the MMDA chair is warning that traffic is extra heavy today. That’s why we’re calling today, December 19 – Manila Traffic Apocalypse.


Manila Traffic


We’re calling all commuters to post your traffic report in the comments section below. To let others know how things are in that particular area. Here’s everything you need to survive the traffic today. Be safe out there!


Manila Traffic Apocalypse Survival Guide: Worst Traffic Day of the Year


3. Navigation

If you’re not using Waze, start. It relies on crowd sourced data to report fastest routes, police, and all types of other things that are getting in your way of getting home.

Here’s a map of Manila live right now. See all of that?? That’s Manila.


Waze Traffic Snapshop


Traffic Dito (

This site/app also does user reporting for routes you’re traveling, but it’s no where close to as comprehensive as Waze.



This site does have traffic data on it, live tweets, and videos about how to avoid new construction areas, but completely falls short of usability and ease of access.


Metro Manila Traffic Navigator

This system isn’t so hot. However, it does show some relevant information about where the congestion is.


2. Transportation



With this transportation service a private car will come and pick you up. Watch out, though; during peak hours, they sometimes hike their prices times 4.




A taxi app that you pay an extra p70 for each ride. The trade off the driver will come pick you up wherever you are. They also have a private car service. Try Grab Taxi or Easy Taxi.



Easy Taxi launches partnership with different brands


1. Games

Manila Rush (or any of these top 10 Filipino made game apps)

If you want to pass the time while you wait, you can actually play a game about EDSA traffic on your phone. This game is by far more enjoyable than the actual traffic itself.


Manila Rush


So there you have it, our Traffic Apocalypse survival guide!!!  

Tell us where you are and where the traffic congestion is and how long you’ve been there in the comments.

Also, let us know if you have other suggestions for our fellow readers and commuters. 



Manila Traffic Apocalypse Survival Guide: Worst Traffic Day of the Year