Manila PubCrawl: Turning Strangers into Friends (Win Free Tickets!)

Manila PubCrawl: Bar Hopping in Manila


When in Manila and looking to explore the nightlife from all four corners of the metro, a trip with Manila PubCrawl is highly recommended! Manila PubCrawl is quite similar to the concept of famous European Pub Crawls. The main exception being  that other than drinking the night away, Manila PubCrawl revolves around the concept of “turning strangers into friends” and exploring Manila’s bustling nightlife in the most convenient way possible. With the success of the now famous Boracay PubCrawl which was launched in January last year, the Pub Crawl team decided to set up Pub Crawl tours in Manila as well. So dear city-dwellers, now is your chance to experience the epic nights Boracay Pub Crawl is famous for!





Manila PubCrawl

Manila PubCrawl is the ultimate fuss-free bar hopping experience for every backpacker/local tourist who’s out for a guided tour around the metro’s best bars and clubs, with the added bonus of creating lasting friendships with fellow party-goers. For an early booking fee of only Php 890.00-990.00, you’ve got yourself all set for a fun night out. Expect to cruise around town “local-style” in an air-con jeep, get epic discounts at your bar stopovers, and most importantly have heaps of fun with your new-found friends. There are absolutely no strangers at Manila PubCrawl, I guarantee you’ll never feel alone once you hop on board!



 With Pub Crawl founder Oliver Köllner giving a thumbs up!


Another great thing about Manila PubCrawl is that they launch runs at different areas of Manila. They have already held pub crawl trips around some of the most happening spots in the metro, from Makati and The Fort to Quezon City – yes, Quezon City! This was especially great news to me, as being the Makati local that I am Quezon City is practically a foreign country to me. If you’re like me who’s never experienced the QC nightlife and wouldn’t want to risk getting lost in the area, I suggest joining one of Manila PubCrawl’s Quezon City trips for a full-proof epic night!



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