Manila International Book Fair Goes Bigger and Bolder This Year

I’ve been an avid fan of #MIBF since 2015. I love how I get to score huge discounts during the festivities and also get to check out new book releases at the same time. During the past two years that I’ve been visiting the fair, though, I have to be honest and say that it has not always been a pleasant experience. Aside from the fact that the fair tends to get really crowded, it used to be a bit unorganized and their spaces were quite tight, making it hard to enjoy browsing everything.

However, this year’s MIBF was well-planned and organized. The stalls were all strategically placed in their different halls, making roaming around easier.

I also love how the second floor became more spacious for book lovers like me to roam around.

Aside from those factors, here are other reasons why I thought MIBF was better this year:

Better Ambiance

Upon entering the MIBF halls, you could already see how light the ambiance was compared to its previous darker halls. The stalls are all well-lit now and everyone was able to just enjoy themselves, whether they were a customer or exhibitor.

Huge Discounts

They even had a warehouse room at the fair where they sold books for as low as Php75! Discounts were everywhere and you could even score international bestsellers at much lower prices.

Rare Title Finds

If you were looking for a much-coveted book that you could find anywhere else, you could probably find it at the Manila International Book Fair.

Bigger Space

They pretty much got the whole SMX Convention Center to themselves. Before, they only occupied the first floor and half of the second floor. This year, their halls were visibly more spacious and easier to maneuver.

A More Organized MIBF

No matter how much I love MIBF, last year’s experience almost got me traumatized because of the halls overflowing with shoppers. It was not a good experience, especially for those who are claustrophobic. This year, however, everything was much more organized and people could actually enjoy themselves while shopping.

The main highlight of my experience was finally meeting Goyo himself, Paulo Avelino. Anvil Publishing held a book signing of their movie’s book and Paulo gamely posed with his fans.

Another author who made the festivities extra fun is Lourd De Veyra from Summit Books. He made his fans’ experience even more memorable by bringing some drinks and crackers during his signing event.

Fun, huh? Make sure you don’t miss it next year!


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