Man Of Steel Movie Review: A Refresh Of An Old Franchise in A Darker Tone

When In Manila, we just came home from watching Man Of Steel! Thanks to The Great Events Plus Inc. having an Independence Day screening and having us there!




Being a fan of Superman and always have wanted as a child to become him, I have watched almost every single Superman movie and was really looking up to this rendition simply because Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan are both on-board. I’m a big fan of 300 and The Dark Knight series, so I was really looking into this version when the first images and trailers came out.


Today, The Great Events Plus Inc. had a special Independence Day screening and we surely didn’t wanna miss it! We began at the event proper first with the registration and getting some freebies from OK Quench Drinks, Happy Club Potato Chips, URC and Leslie products. There were a lot of people, so we decided to take our seats right away.


Man of Steel Screening Gateway



Going into the movie, to be honest, it was “OK”. Yes it’s true that the Man Of Steel universe took a different path than the original comics with some details and yeah, it was pretty much ok to actually go in that direction. Pretty much similar to the The Dark Knight series that also took a different approach with the Batman franchise. My quirks about Man Of Steel is that, the start of the movie along with the story progression were too quick. Flashbacks and backtrackings were used in order to portray the development of Clark Kent, but the problem is the pacing and the unfolding of events. It was just too quick in my own opinion. I also found some scenes, which I won’t mention due to possible spoilers, to be quite off. Quite difficult for me to mention here since it’ll be a spoiler. I somehow see the Man Of Steel to be similar to The Green Lantern movie but in a darker and more serious tone.


Man of Steel


To the good parts; the fight scenes were something I really admired. The fight scenes did show-off some impressive comic like styles and also reflected the strengths of both the protagonist and the antagonists compared to normal human beings. Lots of fancy effects and battles did take place and it was nothing short of superb.


Overall, the Man Of Steel may seem to lack a little on the story and progression department, but the fight scenes are enough to pull you in and wow you for a big chunk of the movie






Man Of Steel Review: A Refresh Of An Old Franchise in A Darker Tone


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