Iron Man 3 Movie Review: An amazing story line that packs more power than the suit

When In Manila and you don’t live under a rock. Well obviously you’re twisting and turning like a little child to watch Iron Man, yes because I was, to be honest. It’s one of the most awaited movies of the year, you’d probably even take on a challenge just to watch it. So now that Iron Man 3 is finally showing, what can I say about the movie? First things first. We attended the Iron Man 3 Movie Premiere event at Glorietta 4 in partnership with DR Industries, Art City, JCI Makati and They had Iron Man displays, Iron Man figurines and memorabilia for sale, they also had some cosplay costumes on display, and of course the Iron Man cosplayers roaming around the event.







It really was an Iron Man experience seeing cosplayers roam around as the Iron Man MKI, Iron Man MKII, Iron Man MKIV, Iron Man MK42, Iron Patriot, War Machine and also a little Iron Girl!







IronMan3_Screening_G420 copy


Some FHM models also arrived and posed with the cosplayers