Maldita Studio: Luxurious Hair Hideaway

When In Manila, good salons are hard to come by. Expecting quality, professional service for your hair usually comes with a hefty price tag. The result: settling for so-so service and avoiding trips to the salon as much as possible. This has been my unfortunate routine for the last few years.




Before Maldita Studio, my last trip to the salon was in 2012. Having tried a variety of salons from affordable to high-end, I didn’t know if there was anything new to expect. Simply put, I came with an open heart and one thing in mind: I badly needed a change. Unlike most salons, you wouldn’t find Maldita Studio in a central commercial establishment. Located just a few minutes from the MRT Quezon Avenue station in EDSA, getting to the salon will take some know-how but is in no way difficult. The salmon facade of Rosemont Tower just a few minutes into Panay Avenue in Quezon City is a dead giveaway.




Upon entering its glass doors, Maldita Studio‘s ambiance wrapped me like a vacuum. The walls were a modern, immaculate white, the interiors minimalist but chic. Having just opened last February 2013, the salon boasts of an exclusive L’Oreal Professionnel partnership with its staff training intensively under the brand. While waiting to meet my stylist, I was ushered to the waiting area which boasted of large, plush couches and was offered my choice of beverage. Happily, I sat sipping my iced tea wondering what change was about to happen.




My stylist, Jhun, was a far cry from the usual run-of-the-mill hairdresser. He gave a complete assessment of my hair, able to tell from the texture and state its history in terms of treatments and chemical processes. To be honest, I had no idea what to do with my hair except that I wanted a transformation. I told him as much, and after a few minutes he came up with a concrete suggestion based on my face shape, my skin tone, as well as the general condition of my hair. I trusted him, and agreed.




The result? Best decision I’ve made when it comes to my hair. Jhun decided to completely change my hair color, adding highlights where he thought necessary to bring out its tone and vibrancy. My hair suffered a lot from digital perming, so he cut off the remaining processed ends restoring health to my hair. A soothing hair treatment, a back massage, and a great blowout sealed the deal.


The verdict? I LOVE MY HAIR. This is honestly the best hair I’ve had in years without having to go through harsh straightening or perming. I love that the texture is natural yet put together.

The color brightens my face and compliments my skin very well. I’m a wash and wear kind of girl, so Jhun made sure to give me a low-maintenance cut. I also let it slip that I like to tie my hair in a bun while at work or during dance rehearsals so he strategically arranged the highlights to ensure that they’ll show even when my hair’s pulled back. In the end, he gave me a hair diagnosis sheet where he jotted down after-care instructions to ensure health and vibrancy. Amazing, just amazing.



  • High-end, quality, professional service without the high cost. The most expensive haircut would csost you only P500 from a Creative Senior Stylist, something that would cost double and even triple the price in other salons.
  • In-depth diagnosis of your hair, skin, and face shape before the service. The staff really knows what they’re doing and are highly trained and skilled.
  • Great ambiance, with an abundance of the latest magazines, free wi-fi, and beverages on request. VIP rooms are available for clients who want more privacy at no added cost.
  • Complimentary back massage with your service. It was heavenly.
  • They don’t try to sell you any other treatments or services that you don’t need. Two thumbs up for the professionalism of their staff.
  • Aside from haircare, they offer a variety of services including nail treatments and waxing.


  • The location can be a bit tricky to find especially if you’re not from northern Metro Manila. They only have one branch in Quezon City, and it can get pretty booked.

    It’s better to reserve in advance.

  • It’s fairly easy to commute to the salon but you might not be able to squeeze in other errands unlike salons which are conveniently located in shopping malls. But trust me, the extra effort is worth it!


And finally, here’s a before and after shot. Note the dry, processed hair and my now healthy, vibrant locks. And yes, it still looks that way even after rinsing. For full color, highlights, hair treatment, and a haircut, the whole process took about three and a half hours to complete.



I am now definitely a loyal customer. When In Manila, be sure to drop by Maldita Studio for a luxurious yet affordable hair experience unlike most salons in the Metro. When In Manila’s resident writer, Janelle Yau, attended the studio warming and experienced a transformation herself. Read about it here! With two writers experiencing amazing hair transformations plus the salon’s highly-trained staff and impeccable service, you’ll surely be getting your money’s worth and more.



Maldita Studio

Ground Floor, Rosemont Tower, #75 Panay Avenue, Quezon City

02-3736943 / +63922-8860466

Twitter: @MalditaStudio

Maldita Studio: Luxurious Hair Hideaway