An Unforgettable Makeover Session at Maldita Studios

 WHEN IN MANILA, I have always enjoyed getting makeovers! If you guys have been following my WIM adventures, you must have read about my salon stories on Teal Salon and Aura Salon. Anyway, when I attended the studio warming of Maldita Studios with my friend, Winona, I immediately fell in love with the minimalist interiors of the place that promises nothing but perfect hair transformations.




So a few days after the studio warming was held, I booked for my appointment with Maldita Studios. Even with schedule conflicts due to summer school, I was determined to have an experience with Maldita Studios. And met my high expectations they did!





After a tiring Psych class and a long meeting with my ITM groupmates, I headed to a much needed escape with one of my best friends, Olena, in Maldita Studios. For a more private salon experience, we stayed in one of Maldita Studios’ VIP rooms.





Known for my fearlessness when it comes to changing my hair color, this time, I decided to trade my almost blonde locks for the fearless shade of red.





Since red seemed to be the color of the month for me, I decided to go for a deep shade of red for my nails too. What I love about Maldita Studios’ nail color selection is that apart from having the normal nail polishes, they also have options for the newest nail craze: gel nails!





Ta da!! I love love love my gel nails! It’s so much shinier than the normal nail polish.





While I opted for a more dramatic change, Olena went for a more conservative transformation by going for a color of the same family tree, as recommended by her stylist.





After chatting, reading magazines, and sitting on the chair for a couple of hours, here I am with my new fiery red locks. I love this color on me! I think I’m going to be a ginger for quite some time before changing it again.





So When In Manila readers, if you’re looking for a salon that can meet your expectations when it comes to hair transformations, head on over to Maldita Studios WHEN IN MANILA.








In my eighteen years of existence, I have learned again and again that life ain’t perfect. It’ll always try to throw something at you that will threaten to shake up your life. But what I learned in a recent incident is that challenges and challenging people aren’t planted in your life to break you, but rather to turn you into an even better version of yourself. So in moments of what may seem as the end, instead of letting the unfortunate event get to you, call up your best gal pal, laugh your worries away, and transform your locks to match the personality of the strong and brave person that you are! After all, being happy and looking flawlessly good regardless of challenging people’s challenges is the best form of revenge.



Maldita Studios


Visit: Ground Floor Rosemont Tower, 75 Panay Avenue 1103 Quezon City


Contact: 373 69 43 / 0922 886 0466



J Confessions: An Unforgettable Makeover Session at Maldita Studios