Aura Salon: Where Dream Makeovers Come True

WHEN IN MANILA, back when we were happy seven year old kiddos who totally loved school, summer/Christmas breaks/sem breaks mean only one thing. MAKEOVER; so you can go to school on the first day turning heads all day long.

 Now I’m not a seven year old kid rocking a unique hairstyle thanks to my mom. I don’t have the excitement of a seven year old to go to school either. But one thing hasn’t changed through the years; I am still a sucker for makeovers!

After sporting almost blonde locks for three months, I decided that it was time for a change; it was time for a reinvention. Lucky for me Aura Salon is here to help me do just that.

Aura Salon has been in the metro for 13 years now. Oldies, the not so old ones, and even the young ones totally adore Aura Salon. And after my mom’s and my makeover session, I think I know why.









Aura Salon doesn’t give off the snobbish vibe like other salons. Rather they have a homey vibe making their customers feel comfortable and want to come back for more.









Starting the reinvention, Aura Salon’s hair stylist for more than 10 years, Arnel Bragais, started to color my hair with his color mix. While my mom decided to shorten her in my opinion super long locks.





After her haircut, my mom tried out Aura Salon’s Color Repair treatment which apparently comes with a heavenly massage from one of Aura Salon’s staff while I debuted my darker locks to the world.





To seal any makeover session, a haircut is a definite must! Get this: Aura Salon is running a promo of Color+Cut which starts at P1200 for students with tight budgets. Now you don’t have to shell out a ton of money just to reinvent your look.









After our Aura Salon makeover, my mom super loved her hair and has been planning our next visit to Aura Salon already.









My friends know that I have a love-hate relationship with my almost blonde locks. But my darker locks scream Kardashian all over and I super love it!

So when you see your favorite star’s new hair, quit the job you oh so hate, break up with your boyfriend and is in dire need of a makeover, head on over to Aura Salon WHEN IN MANILA.

Aura Salon


2/F Palodoma Bldg. 313 Katipunan Avenue Loyola Heights, Quezon City


Contact 426.6992/433.1410
















Aura Salon: Where Dream Makeovers Come True


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