Malaysia Social Media Week 2013 MSMW Invites WhenInManila’s Vince Golangco and Jason Cruz as Speakers


We feel very honored to announce that our very own Jason Cruz and Vince Golangco will be guest speakers in this event!






As Social Media continues to stir up most of today’s global events, more people are still joining the digital social sphere.  Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW) 2013 Soft Launch,  took place at The Bourlevard- Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur, ahead of next year’s trendy event- Malaysia Social Media Week 2013.







The soft launch which was held on 2 November from 4:00p.m until 7:30p.m themed “Engage, Educate and Entertain” primarily intended to introduce its partners and supporters, speakers and as well promote the exciting weeklong Malaysia Social Media Week 2013 celebrations. The event was organized by Malaysia Social Media Chambers (SMC) and was graced by YB Khairy Jamaluddin, Chairman of Barisan Nasional Youth & Member of Parliament, Rembau, Malaysia, Shahul Hameed Shaik Dawood, President and Founder of SMC, speakers and members of the press.







Without doubt, social media has been a trendy topic for years now and as the years continually progress so does the use of social media. Traditionally, the average person voicing their opinion(s) would only express their views amongst their peers or certain organizations, but recently, with the rise of social media, a great number of people have been empowered to voice out and share their opinions much more effectively and to a much wider audience regardless the distance or situation. Additionally, people are now able to gather support from like-minded individuals. Nevertheless, social media does have its drawbacks and with this said, social media as a topic simply becomes agreeable, disagreeable or debatable. It’s a personal opinion.




MSMW 2013 soft launch commenced with an opening remark by Mr. Shahul who later on introduced the Partners and Speakers of the event. Complementing the event were Band Performances, Games & Contests involving interesting concepts related to social media.




Among the other highlights of this mega event was the launch of MSMW contests which are;

  • MSMW Treasure Hunt
  • MSMW Loud- Battle Of The Bands



MSMW, is a national event connecting people, content and conversations around emerging trends in social and mobile media. Joining C-level executives, entrepreneurs, journalists, bloggers, brand managers, social media strategists, students, artists, activists and the technology/ media specialists , these experts connect and communicate ideas and experiences to advance our understanding of social media’s role in society.



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Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW) 2013 Soft Launch