Malagos Garden Resort’s Chocolate Spa and Museum is Like a Willy Wonka Dream

Visiting Davao soon? Besides the usual destinations that you can go to in or near the city, here’s a place you shouldn’t miss when you visit the gateway city of Mindanao: Malagos Garden Resort. There’s just so much to do in this resort that it’ll probably take you several days to experience everything! Two of our favorites, though, are their Chocolate Museum and Chocolate Spa, the resort’s newest attractions.

Let’s take a quick tour around the Malagos Chocolate Museum first. Before getting there, you’ll pass by Malagos Chocolate Park, a path full of chocolatey treats like cupcakes, pretzels, doughnuts and more – all bigger than humans.

So IG-worthy! (Be careful of giant ants, though! LOL)

It’s called Malagos Chocolate Museum: Tree to Bar Experience because you’ll know how cacao become chocolate bars here. Inside the museum, you’ll learn many interesting facts about chocolates. From growing cacao and producing chocolate bars to the countries that produce, sell and consume the most chocolates around the world – they’ll tell you all about it.

There’s an enormous piece of chocolate here – but only for display!

Quick trivia: Malagos Chocolate was recognized by the International Cocoa Awards in 2017 and is the only recognized cacao here in the Philippines? Did you also know that this chocolate is being distributed to other countries such as Singapore, Japan, Australia, and USA? I’m definitely proud to be Pinoy!

The museum itself is so Instagrammable, you won’t be able to help taking lots of pictures. Also, the smell of the chocolate upon entering is so addicting! The whole family will enjoy this place, even the kids because there’s a children’s section for them to play in – the chocolatey way!

Big praline chocolates for your photo shoot!

When you reach the other part of the museum, a vintage-looking café awaits and beside it, you can make your own Malagos chocolates!

Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, you’ll definitely enjoy this activity. It only costs Php250 per head for 100 grams or Php450 for 200 grams.

A buffet of toppings is set before you, so you can choose what to fill your chocolates with. It’s exciting to put herbs and even chili flakes in them!

Now here’s another must-try inside the resort! Experience a chocolatey spa inside the Legacy House, a house-turned-spa by the Puentespina family (they own the resort). This spa offers all sorts of soothing and relaxing massages and pampering services, such as scrubs using pure chocolate or essential oils with Malagos chocolates.

You’ll be well taken care of by their loving and very accommodating therapists, all with big smiles. Even their aura will make you feel stress-free!

Aside from that, they also have lots of other attractions. Visit the Malagos Bird Feeding Dome to interact with free-flying birds. You can even feed them!

Spare an hour or two to rent a bike for only Php80 or try horseback-riding for only Php100 per hour and take a personal tour around the whole resort.

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