Make Your Celebration Fit for a King with This Holiday Staple

Smoky, savory, drenched, and glistening with glaze—there is truly nothing in the world that beats ham for Christmas.

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Ham is a staple for any celebration—especially in December. In fact, it’s not a question of whether ham should be included in your Christmas spread, it’s what kind of ham should be featured in your menu. Thankfully, King Sue Hams all-time favorite Christmas hams are back. Here’s everything you need to know about your options to host a yuletide celebration that’s fit for a king.

For Bone-In Options

For bone-in ham, you can estimate around half a kilogram per person. So, for a party of 12, you’ll need 3 kilograms of King Sue’s Chinese Ham Bone-In. Now, the key thing to remember about King Sue Chinese Ham Bone-In is that the ham bone contributes to the moisture and flavor as the meat bakes. This means the premium quality pork leg that’s been smoked following King Sue’s nearly century-old recipe gently seeps into the meat to enhance the taste and create a soft, juicy, and smoky morsel with every bite. If you’re thinking of doing a Christmas breakfast, you can use the King Sue Chinese Ham Bone-In left-over bones to make that Sopas ala King Sue, which will surely make this year’s Christmas morning a lot more memorable.

Choosing A Special Glaze

King Sue Piña Ham is the best choice for those looking for that perfect blend of salty and smoky flavors. The premium meat preserves the natural ham flavor, enhanced with a special brine to bring out a distinct sweet and salty profile. No other ham can strike the perfect balance between savory and juicy so well.

Going with A Classic 

Sweet ham is a perennial favorite, loved by children, especially for its soft and juicy meat with a lightly smoky taste that’s distinctly salty and sweet. The King Sue Sweet Ham is renowned for its curing process that draws out the classic and familiar sweet ham flavor profile. A definite must-try for even the pickiest palates.

Traditional With a Twist

Hawaiian ham embraces the confluence of cultures and flavors in a single dish that can serve as a beautiful Christmas centerpiece. King Sue Hawaiian ham is distinctly leaner, but thanks to King Sue Ham’s long-standing heritage of curing and brining, it manages to preserve the tenderness and flavor in the meat. It’s definitely a hearty addition to any Christmas menu.

Versatile Flavors 

King Sue Pear-Shaped Ham is one of the most versatile hams that you can serve this Christmas. Soft and juicy in texture, every bite is a celebration of rich, savory goodness that you can easily complement with choice side dishes or enhanced with homemade glazes.

Once you’re ready to make your choice, head to FB Shop, GrabMart, or visit King Sue Ham’s Main Office at 402 Tandang Sora St., 1st Ave. Grace Park, Caloocan City and pick up your choice of ham for 5% OFF, only from December 5 to 31.

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